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Hello everyone

I just joined the forum today. I wonder if anyone has had experience of being told that their spirometry age is far younger than their actual age? I'm very confused at the moment.

Was diagnosed with asthma and bronchiectasis 3 years ago after really bad chest and two weeks of solid coughing. I have allergies to perfume, chemicals, nsaids and other things.

Anyway, at my recent annual review, I admitted to using ventolin every day, otherwise I would not be able to walk up the hill to the shops at lunch time or take my dog for a walk. I have not taken a steroid inhaler as I lost my voice for nearly ten weeks when I tried. I take tiotropium and serevent and the venotlin. Anyway, the nurse thought I needed a steroid inhaler but decided on doing the spirometry first. I am 50 and it came out age 27. So, I have to see my gp in a couple of weeks with a view to possibly reducing the inhalers ,but I am so worried. I don't think I could cope without them.

Any body had similar experience.

I'ms very confused just now.


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How soon after taking your inhalers was the spirometry done? That can make a difference to the result. My last spirometry came out as normal for my age but the one before that I came out as a younger age.


Hi Angela

I had not taken my salmeterol for 12 hours and my salbutamol for about 8 and my tiotropium for 24 hours.

Did they say ho much younger yours came back? It's confusing, isn't it?



I am confused about this.

Do you get a younger age on your spirometry if your results are greater than 100% for your age? I know all results are said to decrease with age, so I imagine if you got over 100%, that could be interpreted as a younger age.

However, I don't see how or why that should be interpreted as requiring you to drop your medication? Surely the aim for each of us is to achieve the best lung function that we can, and experience as few symptoms as possible? For everyone, these will be very individual. For some, the best lung function level now possible might be only 60% of that predicted, but still they will do everything they can to hold on to that 60%. Similarly, if somebody has figures of over 100%, surely they should strive to retain that figure, however high?

Of course, lung function is not necessarily related to asthma severity at any given time. Between exacerbations. many asthmatics will produce perfectly normal results. This is why I am confused by the idea of reducing your treatment if you are still experiencing troubling symptoms? If your lung function is very good, you will want to retain that lung functions whilsts also controlling your asthma.

Maybe I've got this all wrong?



How long do you guys normally get get colds for? cause mine has lasted for over a week and I'm still drowning in phlegm they normally last a few days but this one just wont shift. also does anyone have any tips to help with the congestion?



Hi Carrie

Yes, it seemsodd, doesn't it. Hopefully, I will know more after my appointment on Tuesday. I will let you know how it goes.




Hi All

I am delighted to say that my GP does not agree with the asthma nurse about reducing/withdrawing my inhalers. He says I was obviously asymptomatic at the review and that is how he wants me to stay! I could have kissed him! He is changing my nasal spray and eye drops to steroid ones as I have been taking extra antihistamines, which is not a good idea, but the allergies have been a nuisance the last week or so.

Anyway, I am just so pleased. I have hardly slept the last few nights with worrying about the appointment, so tonight I will be out like a light.

Thanks for your support - I don't know how I would manage without it.



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