Urine infections?

Sorry to ask but does anybody know why water work infections happen whilst taking anti-bio's? I am on two lots of anti-bio's at present for a chest infection & now I have this! Fed up doesn't even come close to how I am feeling right now! : ( Has just cost me £10 in Boots to buy a tablet to try & get rid of it! (I was going to ring the Drs but I just couldn't take them on today!) Thanks for reading.


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  • Just got over a water infection and was on antibs before it,

    wonder if that caused mine as never had one before ,

    love glynis xxx

  • Sorry you had it too Glynis. Its horrible isn't it? The lady in Boots who kindly sold me the tablet told me it often happens so next time I am on anti-bio's she suggested I tell the Dr. I just hope it goes soon as it kept me awake last night. Take care & thanks for the reply, means alot that someone understands : )


  • Sorry to hear you are unwell Shoppingmama hope you feel better soon. Each antibiotic there is on the market treats a different form of bacteria. If you think you have a urine infection it may be an idea to visit your gp who will check your urine for infection using a test strip, if postitive they may send it to the lab. The lab will be able to say which specific antibiotics will treat your infection. The antibiotics you have for your chest may not be the right ones for your urine infection hence why you caught it whilst on antibiotics. Hope this helps.

  • Shopingmama, this has happened to me before and it's not at all pleasant. If the stuff you got from Boots doesn't help very quickly you will need to got and get something a bit stronger from your doctor.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  • Thank you sooooooo much for your replies. I will get it checked out if it doesn't settle down. Kept me awake last night : ( Need my sleep! Thinking of you all.



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