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An update and a question about steroids

Hi all,

Hope everyone's doing ok. Just thought I'd send an update, as I know reading about other people's conditions has enabled me to go to my GP armed with good advice/info.

Anyway, after switching to accuhalers after discovering I was sensitive to the propellant in evohalers, things started to look up, and although I was still having to use Ventolin at least once or twice a day, it was actually working when I used it, rather than sending my asthma off the scale. But I was still concerned at the amount of times I was having to use Ventolin so went back to see the nurse.

I pointed out that I had a similar flare up at the same time last year, and she suggested that I may be allergic to tree pollen (I've never had hayfever in my life before to my knowledge). I don't get runny nose or sneezing, just been having asthma symptoms and now I think about it my eyes have been itchy, but that's usually a sign of asthma starting for me. Anyway, she prescribed Loratadine, and I noticed an improvement pretty much straight away, but was still unsure if it was a pollen allergy.

Until Thursday. When I forgot to take my tablet. By 10am the symptoms were back, and by 4pm I had had 6 doses of Ventolin. Took a tablet as soon as I got home, and I'm back to feeling good again.

I had forgotten what it feels like to feel 'normal'

Just one question. For about a fortnight now I've had joint pain in my fingers, elbows, shoulders, top of spine, and sometimes hips, I had been on 30mg Prednisolone for about 3 weeks, but finally came off them about 6 weeks ago. Could this joint pain be related to withdrawal, even after this amount of time? And if so, how long is it likely to last? Does anyone have any tips for coping with the pain? It's ok most of the time, but sometimes it's quite painful.

Thanks for reading

Tracey xxx

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2/3 weeks for me!

i have a love and hate affair with preds. love it cause as you say it makes me feel normal while in on it. the side effects kill me and i hate it!

try and drink loads of water to detox the second round of preds i was on i did this and it seemed to help a lot.


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