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Review on Monday

Wonder if anyone can help me. Had a bad attack 2 weeks ago and am having a review next week to see how things are going. Still don't feel back to normal can't do everything I was doing before, taking more salbutamol and not working so long and maybe the worst of it being woken at night with atypical attacks.

The trouble is my peak flows aren't too bad during the day and I know all the tests at the hospital will be fine too. My saturated O2 is always around the 95%. How do I get them to help me when they can't see how badly this latest flare up is affecting me? I'm so tired and just want to get back to normal. I still don't feel in control and worry that I'm going for help too soon when with a bit of info maybe I could help myself.

Any advice?

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This happens to me too. I don't know what drugs etc you are taking. However it does take time to recover from a bad 'exacerbation' as the docs like to call it.

When you have your review be sure to explain exactly how much you are waking at night, and exactly how much salbutamol you are using. This is a sign that you are still symptomatic. Also if you can bear to do them, tell them what your peak flows are like in the middle of the night when you wake up.

I do know that it can take me 8-10 weeks to fully recover from a 'bad go' so have patience, but keep on going back to the doctors if you don't get better, as there are other avenues to follow.




As said it takes time to recover give yourself chance, you will have two steps froward and three back on the rocky road to recovery. O2 sats arent thebe all and end all especially at check up, there more taken note off when your acute but arent the be all and end all there just one guideline, make sure you take your peak flows with you so docs can see if they are improving or if any trends like morning or pm dips? to show still unstable. I wouls also write down any questions you want to ask and take with you, also if poss when having these attacks at night see if can do a peak flow, note it down along with time and how much ventolin need as this will give docs a clearer picture.

Good luck

Andrea xx


Not happening again!

Thanks for all your help and advice. Yet again my follow up has been cancelled so just when I really need the help its not here again. Still don't have an action plan and still don't know how long its ok to take additional nebs for before going to the hospital. Had recieved loads of useful stuff from the asthma society which I was going to take in and ask about.

Will try and make a private appointment to see my consultant as I'm fortunate and am covered for asthma flare ups. Athough this isn't the answer as he gets cross if you swop from NHS to private and back again, but when you need help I don't see that it matters. Am just fed up I don't seem to be able to get my asthma control back again. Feel like I'm 66 at the moment not 36.

Still I'll stop feeling sorry for myself as I realise many of you suffer worse than I do. Hopefully things will pick up again in a few weeks and I'm just expecting too much in just 3 weeks.


when I needed to see con and appt had been put back i rang and spoke to secutary who got me an appt quite quick. worth contacting con and explaining how you are cause if you don't contact them they prob presume that everything hunky dorey.


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