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I have just boughr this nebuliser and on reading the disinfecting instructions it says boil or soak in 70% ethyl alcohol solution. As not all the parts can be boiled I went to buy the ethanol solution but no chemist seems to stock it ibecause people might drink it!. They have suggested isopropyl alcohol but I do not know if this is ok.

Advise from other omron users would be appreciated

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Hello Geordie,

the standard instrucions say to boil the mesh in distilled water ( carefully!!) and wash the rest of the washable bits in hot soapy water.

Do not use Miltons or bleach at all because it can affect and corode the metal parts especially the mesh.

I generally rinse everything in hot soapy water every time I get home when used it when out.

I always carry some distilled water to neb through after each dose to clean the solution salts off.

I don't often boil it, I use sterident ( False teeth soak) or own brand value - unflavoured. One tab in a small pot , very hot water and leave for 30 mins. Has worked fine for 5 years for me.

The alcholol is not esential, and as you say not easy to get. Sterets contain Isopropyl alchocol so are of use for a quick clean - carefully - of the mesh or to clean the electric contact points as they can get a bit greasy.

This cleaning regime is good enough to keep it clean and bugs at bay. Also, if it isn't cleaned straight away ( eg you get wipped into hospital and it sits in your bag for a week) it won't harm as long as you give it a good clean when you escape.

I have had one for around 5 years now and it has rarely let me down.

Distilled water is available from lots of chemists.

Hope this helps




I run water for injections through once in a blue moon and have cleaned the contectors once with a steret when it did not neb properly. And occasionally wash mine with warm soapy water but it really is occasionally. Mine seems to survive on the unloved and cared for method for 2 years. I do keep a spare mesh but only because it is so easy to damage it and I would hate to be without it. I am not recommending the neglect method but many I know also use it.



I've never used distilled water or alcohol, though might get some just in case - tho would be worried about melting it knowing my luck! I rinse mine with hot water when I remember (use it at least twice a day when out and about at work etc and it doesn't seem to mind not being rinsed more than that) - about once a week normally. I also keep a spare mesh just in case. Sometimes I find it doesn't nebulise probperly immediately if there has been a buildup of liquid on the mesh - but a little shake sorts it out then I amke sure I rinse it out thoroughly that night.


mmmmm.......... kinda very concerned by this... I've had my Omron Microair for a couple of months and I've probably rinsed it in hot water like 4 /5 times :S. Guessing I should be doing alot more than this! Should I be cleaning it after each use? And what about if I'm out and about (I tend to use it 2 or 3 times a day while I'm at work ect)? I feel really bad now! I love my little Omron!

ally :(


Ally, mine thrives on general neglect and I know others who tell me theirs does too so don't feel too bad about it!



All my nebulisers thrive on neglect have a very old porta neb which have had since 1996, has never been serviced rarely gets cleaned and still works fine!

Omron gets a rinse under the tap now and again, and if im feeling generous a soak in some warm soapy water about once every few months, mouthpiece gets a wash more often as it gets a bit yucky when use it at night.

Wouldnt reccomend neglecting medical equipment though!


My Omron gets cleaned when i remember and when i am at home as that way i am not in any danger of losing any parts, my bigger one gets cleaned when either it is getting icky or when it stops working as well. I know i should clean it more often but sometimes i do not have the strength for it when i hvae the day to day things to do. Ie this morning putting my washing out on line had to come first and now i have a rest for a while.



Please remember to at least wash the mouth bits, mask, any med chambers regularly because if you are breathing out bugs, you may then breathe them back in again. Compressor nebs have a habit of growing black fungus in the neb chambers if you neglect them!

Just a quick swish with warm soapy water will keep most bugs at bay!


Kate, mask and mouth bits get done daily as does everything around me with frightening Hydrex Pink aka Chlorhexidine spray, nothing survives that!



My Dad brought me ten mouthpieces for my omron and I do change them daily and wash them in hot soapy water, but thats about as far as I was going! - But I shall now be taking a bit better care of it, - esp tp avoid the bugs!

thanks for creating this thread geordie!



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