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asthma nurse confusion

ive been to see the asthma nurse today and she told me that i was taking to much of my symbicort,i have a 200/6 4 doses twice daily like i was told to when i was in hospital and like it told me on the label,she said i should have 2 doses twice a day and that she dont know why i thought i had to have 4 and that i had been having a to high dose,i was very confused by this time and was starting to think that it was me that had made a mistake,so i was trying to think how i could find out as ive thrown all the ole inhaler boxes away.i forgot about my steroid card!! and it does say 4 doses 2 times a day,should i go back and tell her or just see how i get on wth 2 puffs,any advice as i feel very confussed!!!!!

from d58

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Can you ring your nurse to speak to her?

if you are stable on the higher dose then i would consider trying the lower dose but if not stick on what you are already on.Who prescribed the dose originally can you get in touch and query it with them maybe as another option?

Hope this helps.


'asthma nurse confusion'

Hi d58

I'm quite new here but I'm supposed to take symbicort 2puffs 3 times aday but found i was getting side affects from in the form of pains in my calfs my cons said it was due to the oxis in it so I just take 2 twice aday now and use pulmicort 2 twice aday as well have you had any side affects like this

Hope your all not suffering to much in this heat This is my worst summer for several years and am finding it tough going trying to work and fitting neds in as well


Have just seen this thread..

I was on symbicort 200/6 at 4 puffs twice a day a while back, infact i was told to go up to that when asthma was bad and then to come back to 3 puffs and then to 2. I am now on the 400/12 but that is something to do with the dose of the long acting reliever in the combined inhalers, point is, you can safely take the 200/6 at 4 puffs twice a day, especially if that's what you were told to do at the hospital. Maybe talk to doctor rather than asthma nurse? They might want to keep u on the 200/6 at 4 puffs so that can reduce it slowly, it's not easy to do that with the 400/12.

Hope that makes sense!



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