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Blackout and Asthma?

I have just returned from Wales where I have been camping with college.

On the 2nd night (Friday night) I had an attack at 2:30am which didnt improve so I was nebed with my portable. All fine until Sunday night 9pm when I started whezzing and cheast tightness took blue inhaler no better after 1 hr then the coughing started bout 15 mins later my head went light and I was really dizzy. Was told to do the head beween the legs thing no better then had whitsling noise in ears and could have sworn there was a helicopter (there wasnt). I then started blacking out so I have been told. My lecterer rang NHS Direct as she didnt think this was right and for that reson didnt want to neb even though I was still whezing ect. At 1am ambluenece took me to hospital which took 2 hrs (accident on way!!) should have taken 1 hr! Arrived at bout 3 didnt have ops or anythign other thern being put in cobicle unitl 6 am.

When the doc eventally came cheast clear BP normally, heart rate norm.

Is Blacking out like this normal with asthma? Also what stage should you neb at?

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Mumble, the stage you should neb at should be agreed between you and your asthma consultant. I did not get my 1st home neb given to me without strict guidelines about when to neb and what to do if it does not work. Give your consultant or asthma specialist nurse a call and double check what your guidelines are. They need to be individually tailored for you.



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