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exam stress

just getting this out in the air !

my AS exams start tomorrow aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

anyway my worst hate is chewed pens - stress/nerves seems to have turned me into a pen chewer , nooooooooooooooo ( please dont take offence if you are to a pen chewer its a personal thing)

(thinks to herself be calm - what will be will be - Ponders off to find yet more revision)

good luck to anyone else sitting AS exams anywhere ! xx

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Hi lil tinx

Best wishes with the AS stuff. And the pen chewing. 8)

I remember one of my friends laughing at me for chewing my pen at exam time. She then went to push her hair back with her pen at which point it broke and leaked over her. Rushed to wash it off but a bit of her fringe stayed green for weeks after. LOL In the 60s, absolutely no-one had brightly coloured hair.

So keep a happy smile, cos in less than a decade away, you will look back and wonder why you got so worried.



thanks granny mo , i will bear that in mind , i certanly dont want i mouthful of ink halfway through the exam

hmmmmm - if only we where allowed chewing gum - at least then i wouldnt be able to chew my pen



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