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Proud Parents Thread

We all do it, our little or not so little ones do something and we feel the need to tell the world whether it be 1st footsteps to getting a degree or having their own child. So I am going to start the proud parents thread (yes I have an ulteria motive). Now you can unashamedly tell all of AUK about your proud parent moments here.

My funny Little Girl

I got some flowers on mothers day from my daughter and was told my present was on order, being dyslexic her organisational skills are dire so I assumed some DVD had been ordered from amazon and would arrive in due course. I got home from the RBH on Monday to find on my bed a blue box with a note saying ""better late than never"" Happy Mothers Day. Love you biggly, Your funny little girl Mads. When I opened it there was a glass tear drop shapped paper weight with imprinted on it a photo of Maddie and me that is my absolute favourite of the 2 of us. I was bowled over, sobbed unashamedly in that swollen eyes snotty way I do - I really must learn the art of graceful crying. Anyway you all know how proud I am of Mads but never in my wildest imagination did I think she would come up with such a wonderful present.

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Bex, that's lovely. Moving to read about it too!

I haven't mastered the art of crying gracefully, either - I don't actually think it exists outside the movies ;)


I'm rubbish at crying in a graceful manner. Specially if I'm crying with happiness. I start blubbering quite loudly :P

That's lovely Bex :)


I can assure you graceful crying exists, at both my Granny's funeral and my Mother in laws everyone else was gently mopping their eyes with a hanky, whilst I was dealing with an uncontrollable snot factory that was my nose and swollen eyes that were positivly hosing water out.


hi bex

That truely was a lovely story and it sounds like a wonderful present. Take it easy and speak soon lv kk Xx


Hi Bex,

Simply lovely, from all you have previously told me about your family, this sounds just like what your daughter would do and as done! Now I don't have kids but this story has reminded me about some very special gifts and items that I have received from special people. None of these gifts cost huge sums of money, some were entirely free and came about from nature.

Hope you don't mind bex but I am going to hijack your ""Proud Parents Thread"" idea, and suggest people share special gifts they have received and what they met to them.

Thank you for a lovely idea, many thanks Katina


My younger daughter's caring nature stood her in good stead on Sunday when she assisted someone with a bad head injury.

Sitting in the pub with her friends on Sunday evening. Behind her a big chap went to get off his stool but seemed to trip and fall backwards, cracking his head on the hard floor.

As the rest of the pub just looked on or ignored him, Kaz immediately leapt to help, saying This man is unconscious, can anyone help me?

Not a soul moved or bothered, as she grabbed a promotional t-shirt from behind the bar and mopped up the pool of blood that was forming. Then applying firm pressure on the deep wound, asked the bar staff to call an ambulance and sent her friend to find the man's wife, who she'd seen go outside earlier.

They'd sat with him for some time before someone eventually came over saying they'd had some training and the firm pressure didn't need to be kept up. Could they try to sit the man up?

Kaz said explained she'd trained as a nurse, knew what she was doing, that the man had sustained a deep cut to the back of his head and that firm pressure was indicated. 'Helpful' person faded back into the crowd.

With Kaz keeping the firm pressure on and her friend holding the chap's hand, they kept him and his wife going while the ambulance took 45 minutes to arrive and then the paramedics took over.

I'm so proud of my girl.


Go the Harvey 4 ! Mike is doing so well at work he is being put forward for promotion, Nick and Maddie both have had unconditional offers so will both be off next September, Maddie to become a primary school teacher KS1 and Nick to do Geography and Evironmental Science, and Josh has just been told he is on course for a distinction in his Learning for Life Skills course (vocational course for those who would find a full set of GCSE's too much). Add to which Maddie's BF is likely to get a 1st and be offered a grant to do a Masters and Mikes GF is being fast tracked into management training too.

I am so proud of all of them I want to give them all a big squeezy Mummy hug.


Hi Bex

Pass on a Grannymo hug to your cleverclogs lot.

Family good news, whefher of my own family or others', always fills me with glee and smiles. 8)

GM xx


Josh in Charge

Some of you will know my little Josh has his own problems, he does not grow and is very under weight, he is also not wired up in the head the right way and struggles with somethings (they tell me he is on the autisitc spectrum I prefer to use not wired up the right way) he is mentally and physically about 11 years old. Today he has a ""baker"" day at school and it turned out it was me and him home alone all morning. There was a high degree of worry but Josh was a little star let in the carer and then locked the door up after she had gone, made me cups of tea and loitered with intent when I got up to go to the loo so if I fell he knew and call someone for help.

I think he is little star and deserves and has had a huge squeezy mummy hug - there are some advantages to having a little chap who is nearly 16 but is still into huge Mummy hugs when and where he feels like them :)


Proud children

My girls are not on this forum. If they were, they would doubtless write something about being so proud of mum today. For simply years, I have had this overwhelming fear of water. Even in the shower I hate getting my ears or face wet.

Last week I was persuaded into buying a swimsuit (for 'sitting around the edge of a pool') and today for the first time in simply ages, I followed my daughter into the training pool (took me ages to climb down all of 1.1 metres) and slowly walked around the edge holding on tho the side. Progress!

Not only that, but moved across to the bigger pool with my little granddaughter (3).

From somewhere, I found the strength, confidence, call it what you will, to hold tightly onto my daughter and her friend's arms, dip my chin in the water and bring my feet level behind me.

ME lying floating in the water. Ears and chin wet. Unbelievable. So excited at this progress in so short a time, my proud grown-up girls are off writing about this on facebook and bebo.

I am actually looking forward to another visit to the pool. Who knows? Maybe at the grand old age of late 50's, I will learn to swim.


Go - GrannyMo! That is a fabulous achievement, well done.



Thanks Bex. Can't quite believe it myself. xx


congratulations big time. u deserve loads of praise for takling your fear in such a positive way.



Bumping this thread as felt needed dusting off.


Hmmm yes this thread needs a damn good dusting and de-cobwebbing so a small update.

Mike: Now team leader doing a job he could do with his hands tied behind his back and co-ordinating visits to cheer Mum up.

Nick: Uni-boy as he is now known may well have a cure for the common cold growing under his bed and is on for a very crredible 2:1 at least I know by that he is getting a huge amount out of his Uni experience working and playing hard. He and his brother Mike have also just got back from a little trip to Amsterdam can't wait to hear all about it.

Mads: Sadlly struggled with Uni the support we were told would all happen automatically or with minimum fuss did not happen we spent 2 terms trying to get it sorted and in the end gave up. She has got herself a job so if call the RAC you may well speak to her as that is where she is working. She is going to spend next year saving up and then decide just what she wants to do she may go back to Uni but not to Bristol!

Josh: is growing like a little tree now he is doing daily hormone injections, he continues to be cheerful in spite of everything but is costing me a fortune in shoes and trousers! He is now 17 and doing a 2 year vocational course in childcare, is the only boy on the course and loving every minute of it and in his words ""the government are giving me £30 a week to do something I would do for nothing"". His tutors tell me he will walk into a job, they are crying out for male classroom assistants and his old school actually requested he came back and did work experience because he is so good.

I am still as proud of all my children, I thank my Gods everyday that I choose to have my children young, I never would have been able to have them now.

So come on Mums.Dads,Grandparents, aunts, uncles etc post your proud moments, I love reading them.



My son going away with school on Sunday and he comes home tomorrow and so far daily up-dates have been nothing but good news. No medical issues at all and he has remembered to use his inhalers everyday twice a day and when he needs to take his salbutamol

My daughter turned 6 TODAY, (where has these 6 years gone? It has gone far to fast) and for the last 2 days has gone to school even though she has been feeling off-colour and yesterday had to finish her school day an hour early and all she did was sleep but today she has been a bit better and did the whole day at school

My baby boy has started his developmental leap and is finally toilet training. Nappies are BANNED during the day except under special incidences like going out and a long gap between toilets


My son and daughter will be selling poppies on Saturday proudly wearing cadet uniforms and highly polished boots !!!!!


Not asthma related but proud Granny nonetheless. My 6 month old Grandson, Matthew, has finally got onto the centile chart at a weight of 14 lbs. After months of worry, prescription baby milk - neocate - and a lot of sick everywhere, he's got there. Still sees dietician. Still being sick a lot, daughter has cornered the market in muslin cloths for him, takes real pureed food though no dairy as yet.

Just so pleased to see him getting on chart after missing by miles for so long.



go and have a look at my FB photos... the oldest of my 3 kids was way off the charts for months. she started at 3lbs 13oz (38wks) and is now a normal sized 7yo. (with a teenage lot of attitude!!)

geina x


Beth (5) learnt to ride her bike with no stabilisers. She's ridden to school a couple of times and come September will probably cycle every day. Her reward for a glowing report (3/3) was a tinkerbell bike helmet


Well done Beth. Cycling to school too. Granddaughter Amy (5 on Monday) nowhere near that yet. She does have the teen attitude sometimes though.

Matty's on the right chart for length and now weighs almost as much as our younger cat, Claude. Claude's photos on FB too. Check him out.


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