Please can someone tell me why people sleewalk. I know ive done it for a long time but never used to go outside. Last nite I went to my mums and my aunties fast asleep with only a towel on. I did not know any of this till my mum told me. Is there anything I can do to either stop sleepwalking or at least stop me from going outside again many thanks xxxxxx

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  • How embarrassing for you. I have a brother that sleep walks or did as a youngster, and when I was younger he could come down the stairs and hold a meaningless conversation with you before going back up the stairs into bed again. You could tell he was asleep beacuse he would have this trance-like thing about the eyes, yet he could be quite animated!

    There must be help out there, as I do believe your condition is common enough to have helpful guidelines.

    But all I could come up with as a suggestion is use a burglar alarm, and set up an infa red ray to near the front door - so that you can't get out without setting off a noise ten times louder than your alarm clock!

    Best Wishes,


  • i thought you were not suppose to wake a sleepwalker?? im probably wrong lol!

  • Actually Clare, think you might be right, two of my older siblings sleepwalked as children and my younger sister does at the moment and i was always told never to wake them up. I think it can make their blood pressure go up or something?? maybe thats wrong my mum told me this years ago so i cant remember properly, i have to like ""guide"" my sister back to her room by like pointing or walking off towards her room so she follows me, but im not to actually touch her!!

    take care all xx

  • Well, yes there is no need to wake a sleep walker if they can be coaxed back to bed, as we know about too. And like I say there are probably guidelines out there for people that don't have the care of others to assist...

    My suggestion re an alarm could be the worse of two evils perhaps, too.


  • twizzle50 that sounds like a good idea my dad has asked me if i want an alarm on my door and i have said yes id rather be woke up than walk round in a towel again xx

  • Kerry-anne, if you are sleepwalking outside your house, you are putting yourself in danger. You need to see your GP and ask to be referred to a Sleep Clinic.

    It's a myth that it's dangerous to wake someone who's sleepwalking - it won't cause them any harm. However, people can be quite disorientated and confused on waking, which can be unpleasant, so if you can get someone to go back to bed without waking them, this is often the best thing to do.

    Hope this helps

    Em H

  • Kerry-Anne, please go and see your Dr and arrange for more test. I have a 24th cousin once removed who used venture outside when sleep walking (well he had done it once before and walked to his old primary school) one night he got up walked right into a motorcyclist at 3am. Neither came off very well :( It is extremely dangerous and the ""you won't hurt yourself"" is a myth imagine if it had been winter. You should also warn anyone you stay with as well as if you have a hospital admission that you sleep walk and have been known to venture outside.

    What might seem like quite an amusing little episode is actually quite serious and needs further investigation.


  • I tried to get in to see my GP on friday but were fully booked so am going on tuesday see what she has to say. thanks for replys xxx

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