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own up who snores

I have been married 23 years and met hubby 27 years ago.

The last 2 years since having asthma ,says I snore for England.

I keep him awake and do is nut in when im having a sleep on the soffa .

I have had a word with the doc and we had a laugh about it and he said

hes never heard of Asthmatics being prone to snoring,so

I would love to here from Asthmatics who snore.

I have tried everything going hahaha its not my prob as I get to sleep

nice and sound but a grumpy hubby needs some sleep.

He doesnt know how I sleep with bad tinitus but use to it now,

so hope he can tune in to the wind

if keep window open. hahahaha got to have a laugh and hope a cure.

wont have to cheer for England to win the world cup hahaha

love Glynis xxx edit-just snore

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According to Me (Emma) I snore something shocking, although my boyfriend says I don't haha.

I think it's because a lot of asthmatics are prone to hay fever, so you automatically breathe through your mouth when your nose is blocked up, but don't hold me to that.


Wots my hubbys excuse, he doesnt have asthma. I can only hear low pitch and it's so loud.Grrrr


Oh yeah! I snore like mad as my partner is often only too quick to point out when shes stoppin over.


I am sure I read somewhere that asthmatics tend not to snore - think it was in one of my breathing books - Breathing Works - I think?


I do! My son says it wakes him up sometimes. It's always when I'm not well.


I never used to snore my problem was always grinding my teeth in my sleep

But I was told that during the winter and the last 6/7 months when i did have problems with my asthma I was snoring the place down!

I am simply treating it as revenge though as it is usually me being kepy awake by a mum and dad who both snore so bad they sound like road works. It really is the pits for the person who cant get to sleep because someone is snoring and when you go night after night hardly getting a sleep because of this noise I think it definately affects you both physically and mentally

There are loads of things out there in the pharmacies that you can try for snoring


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