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Doggy Rescue at work!

Rescued a little doggy from the middle of a busy road yesterday while at work!

Was going out for my break in the morning and there was a little dog running in a blind panic in the middle of the main road. He looked like hed either escaped from a garden or gotten off his lead and had been running for a while.Got him off the road and he was shaking like a leaf, looking petrified and soaked with snow. Took him into the office as his owner was nowhere in sight and got him warm, fed him biscuits and sausage rolls! He then lay beside my desk and had a wee sleep until the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals got the dog warden from the council to come and collect him. The warden said they keep them for 7 days to give the owner a chance to come forward then he goes up for rehoming. But he said it does look like hes just bolted from his lead and in these cases owners usually phone them within a day or 2 so hopefully he should be back with his owner for xmas! Gave the warden my name and number and asked to be told what happens with him

Just thought Id share my little story

Think my colleagues now look on me as some kind of Dr DoLittle character

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Well done and hope it finds its home.

Need to tell you this one.

MY mum and me were on the way to hospital and walked past a house,

lady was crying and her dog had just got out of the gate.

she said can you look out for a little brown dog hes friendly.

We got to the hospital gate and there was a little brown dog.

I pulled the cord out of my coat and tied it to his collar and was growling and showing his teeth.

Doing a good thing we took the dog to the lady's house and said here you are ive found your dog.

She said that's not him we were laughing so much and took the dog back to where we found him and still laugh about it xxxxxx


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