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Tea related mobile phone accident

I dropped a full cup of tea all over me, my bed and my mobile phone. I can not repsond to texts at the moment I am hoping that as I don't take sugar the phone will dry out OK but I am not being rude I just can't reply unless you want @ZX@ which is seems to give me everytime I try. I can read texts though and later when my carer arrives I will get them to dig out my 3G dongle as I think I can text from there.


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Oops, hope you did not burn yourself in the process!

I dropped mine down the loo once, but sadly it never recovered, lets hope yours does!



I am very good at backing it up so even if it does not recover I have all my contacts etc. I did get covered in hot tea but it was not hot enough to scald but it did get a squeal out of me.



Sister-in-law rabbiting away one night. Husband almost nodding off with boredom, grip on phone loosened and it dropped in his tea. Still works but callers sound very quiet. 8)

Edit: just had to add this one.

Colleague of DH left his phone on a shelf overnight. In the morning placed a slice of bread in the toaster. When toast popped up, so did the mobile phone. Explanation - they reckoned phone on silent, had vibrated its way off the shelf and into the toaster, when early morning call came in.


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