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Tom tom is go

Ohhh I have a new and very clever Tom tom (720), it allows me to speak it a must for Mrs shakey fingers who missed the little buttons sometimes. It tunes into a spare channel on the radio, plays my MP3s though the radio and gives me instrutions thought the car speaker system! It even pairs with my mobile by blue tooth and reads out text messages, so no rude ones peeps cos who knows I might have in the car with me :) My son is joking that I am using it to navigate to the loo these days.


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Ohhhhhhhhh it takes audio books so I am currently listening to the Lord of the Rings unabridged and then thought I would move on to the Silmarillion which I am ashamed to say I find really hard work to just read. Hoping that having someone read it too me will make it more accessible.



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