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A Treasured Gift!

I am not one for giving and receiving of expensive gifts, for me what makes a gift special is the thought that goes into it. You can keep your expensive jewelry, and hi tech gadgets, they are not for me. And during this current time when money for many people is tight, splashing out on expensive gifts for special occasions is not possible. A true friend will appreciate your gift more, if much thought has gone into the process, and not the amount of money you spent on it.

For example last Christmas I received a photo of Lottie my dog in a lovely picture frame, the frame was simply but effective, but for me the picture of Lottie that I had not previously seen was what made it special. Another time my husband Richard and I were walking on Trebah Beach in Cornwall, he found a beautiful heart shaped white pebble and presented to me, every day I see it sat on my bedside table and it reminds me of that day.

Many years ago my dad wasn't working and so money was tight, mum's birthday was coming up and so secretly every night for a week my dad sanded a small piece wood that he had cut into a heart shape. When the heart was perfectly formed, he painted a wild primrose and added a poem. 35 years later that heart still hangs in my mum's bedroom. My mum has a lovely home and is a devil for buying bits and bobs, jewelry etc and when she gets bored of it it goes to another home, but that heart has never left her bedroom.

I look forward to reading any stories that others might wish to share about this topic and perhaps we can share ideas on how to make unique gifts for that loved one for very little money.

Many thanks to Bex for letting me hijack her Proud Parents Thread!

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Long ago, we were renting to be near my husband's work place but still paying the mortgage on our large flat back home that didn't sell for over a year. 1970s, nobody wanted a large three room & kitchen top floor flat. There was an economic crisis even then. Sugar, bread and petrol rationed.

St Valentine's day loomed. With a young baby, I had no spare money for a card. Brainwave. Sat up late while husband and baby slept and from a day old newspaper I cut out 8 inches high letters.

Our living room at the time was long with a dark brown carpet and I laid out the letter shapes to spell I LOVE YOU for him to find first thing in the morning.

Wish I'd had a camera to take a photo.


Whilst having a hard time earlier this year i received a lovely hand made bracelet from a good friend. I love it and wear it all the time-its my favorite colours and is truely beautiful.

Thank you again you know who you are lol! :-)

Lv kk Xx


What a lovely thread, one of my most treasured gifts is a shell that a friend gave me, it has a small white circle in the middle and the rest of the outer shell is black. He said that my grief journey (following the death of my Mum) is like the pattern on the shell a lot of sadness (the black part) with a small bit of hope in the middle but that eventually the whiteness will be bigger. The black part will always be there but eventually the white bit will be the greater with just a small black outline. A lovely gift and very precious, the gift of love, friendship and support is priceless. Lois x


It's not something like a bracelet, or anything like that. But the day I left home, my mum got me a teddybear. And when I was saying bye to her, she gave it to me and told me ""If you ever miss me, just give this a hug, and you can know I'll always be thinking about you."" I can't sleep without it now, and it goes everywhere with me. It's called MummyBear :)


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