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What do you think of this business idea?

To pull myself out fo the blues I am in at the moment I have started planning for what I would like to do once asthma is more controlled. I am going to go back to college and get all the qualificatiosn I need to start my catering business. But I am going to hit the market of allergy friendly food. Their is hardly any food on the market that is dairy, wheat, gluton, egg and nut free so I see a chance of successful enterprise. I have a child who is on a dairy free diet and I literaly do all her catering from cakes right down to meals from scratch. I am goin got start off first with an on-line business and cater for parties. I love baking and my favourite time I look forward to is baking for parties. I only cater for dairy free so a lot of my food is vegan based.

So if you saw a business on-line that says it is allergy friendly what would be expecting? I want to make sure all my food is allergy friendly and I know how hard it is to find food safe for an allergy. All feedback will be greatly appreciated and any other allergis will be added to my list of allergis that need to be catered for to give parents a place to go in the future that is 100% allergy friednly catering company

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This would have been so good when my youngest was little. We had to avoid dairy and wheat until she was at least two years of age. Which we did with some difficulty as in 1980, labels told you very little. Health Food shops were thin on the ground and still seen as more for kranks. To have access to something like you're thinking would have been heaven for birthdays and get togethers.

Best wishes in your endeavours,

GM 8)

Arhh thank you Granny Mo for the words of encouragement and wishes. They are greatly appreciated

I've got the balls rolling already.

I was at my friends baby daughters christianing today and one of her other frineds that came along brought her child a bag full of food as her child suffers with celiacs. My friend was very saddened by the fact that she catered for dairy intolereance but no other food allergics. So I soke about my business plans and my firends sister said she is doing up the kitchen in her pub and loves the idea of having a menu and sepreate kitchen that caters for allergis. So as off a week on Monday I have a job. Well sort of my job is to order the food needed for the allergy free zone kitchen and make up the recipe cards that will be laminated and make up the allergy free menus for the pub and her staff she has at the moment will deal with the cooking side until my asthma to a point where I can manage being on my feet catering in a hot kicthen for more than a hour at a time. I am so pleased and rely excited. Once my friend has the kitchen sorted and the menus and everything are ready I will make sure with my friend if it is OK for me to annouce the location and name fo the pub on her. She also has an amazing child-area in her pub too that is a alcohal free zone

I think it's a brilliant business idea there is hardly any allegy free from foods out there. My mum is highly allergic to egg and sulphites which is used alot as a preservative and we find it hard to get cakes, biscuits etc that hasn't got it in also she is diet controlled diabetic which is another thing as so much foods are high in sugar. Go for it I know my mum will be pleased to hear this.

Thats good news and so quickly too. I wish you every success.

Moira xx

I'm not happy. I have emailed my friend the menus and had to tel her that I will not be able tohelp her with the setting and getting the allergy free kitchen up and running as the asthma just will not hold up an dis getting worse. Why does illnesses have to stop you doing things you are so passionate about. But once it is all sorted I will be there right with her to get things sorted and in order and running like a dream come too

Just need to find a better name. I have called the menu Shorties allergy free food. Sounds long put also to the point of what the menu is about. Any ideas of better names?

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