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MI6 and critical thinking skills

Hi all,

I’m on enforced leave re asthma.

Can work from home some of the time but the rest… need to keep my brain active so have been following some interesting links for ‘critical thinking skills’- please don’t laugh those who know me! But have the last laugh if you enjoy Spooks and similar!

The difference between MI5 and MI6 here you go!

Type in MI6. Follow the link to careers. Follow the link to operational officers and test (Don’t bother with administrator..yet. Think aspirational!)

Can you, will you, did you… get maximum marks out of eight?

Anymore similar much appreciated!


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Is it me or is there an error on that test? Look at how the surname for the cover story is spelt on the potential degree names for one of the questions - it's the incorrect option from question 1 - Is that to put you off, or shouldn't the test writers be considering careers in MI6?


Well I got 6 out of 8. So as it used to say on my school reports, could do better!


Just did the admin one for MI6, can tell I have been out of the admin world for a long time.


These were good (although I can't really see myself as an undercover agent).

I'm playing scabble a lot at the moment (I've looking for a job which takes a lot of time but is quite boring - I was made redundant last month).


Are these the critical thinking skills that produced the WMD / Iraq war ???


I am sorry Bookhunter.

Blue Jam who said it needed Critical Thinking Skills to create a war! Look at George Bush and Tony Blair, you can't tell me that they used critical thinking to start Iraq. They just wanted one thing, and so started the war.


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