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Using 3G Dongles in Heartlands!

Hi Guys, I am posting this on behalf of Carrie who posts here, and is currently in Heartlands for a longish stay.

She asks:

""Does anybody have any experience of using a 3G Dongle with a laptop in hospital, or indeed in Heartlands?""

She has texted me the following details of events:

Her computer detects there is wifi but nobody seems to know the password to connect to it.

She has purchased a 3G dongle but it asks for the password and cannot detect the internet without it.

Short of her going stir crazy for another couple of weeks-if you have any advice on the above please could you PM me and I can get the gist to her via text! Maybe you've been in Heartlands and know the routine regarding their internet??

Please let me know!

Many thanks, Sus.

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I don't have a 3g dongle but an O2 Pay as you go.

As soon as I pop it in it loaded up the software and to add credit, go to the home page.

I am not aware of any pass word.

If it asks for a pass word there should have been a default password with the package I would have thought.

Also, check she has the dongle software loaded and then change to the dongle network in the network connections - it may be a wired or modem connection and not wireless.

Wifi's are either free or password protected. Ask nurses to speak to IT to find out if poss.

Hope this helps a wee bit ....




If used my pay as you go in heartlands before and didnt need a password. I think what her computer is trying to do it connect to the hospital wirless networl and in my experience hospitals wont let patients use it and its rubbish anyway blocked sites etc!


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