Carnt wait see my asthma consultant Thursday to see whats going to happen. He discharged me last time and put me under the care of my asthma nurse after altering my meds after lung function tests etc. He said if had problems to go back if the asthama nurse and doc needed me to go back to him. just hoping now for some answers. I was on two inhalers and 2 lots of tabs last time i saw him and now on 3 inhalers 3 lots of tabs and daily prednisalone. So dont know what will happen at this meeting. X OOPS! Ment for general board

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  • Hi Glynis,

    Im waiting to. see mine again for a med tune up.

    Not needed to see him for about 8 or 9 months, but been referred back after couple bad attacks. I recon its the weather.

    Doesnt matter if post in wrong place, it will either get bumped, or sit happily here for a few days.

    Let us know how you get on


  • Hi Glynis,

    Good luck with your consultant appointment on Thursday, I do hope you start to get things sorted.

  • Hi Glynis. Hope your appointment went well today. My son saw his consultant today and he has referred him to another consultant and is still going to see him his-self for his asthma and to monitor his heart murmur. He is going to see him again in 2 months and by that time eh would of been on his new inhaler 2x100mg twice a day of Seretide for the 2 months. Got it confirmed today that my son's heart murmur is triggered by un-controlled asthma so hopefully this new inhaler will do the job and get his asthma controlled and his heart murmur eitther none-excistent or only hearable when hsi asthma is down due to infections

  • hi, hope your sons new inhaler helps him xxx

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