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Ideas needed for childrens stall at Church Fayre please

Hello, at the last minute my childrens group at church have decided they want a stall at the Church Spring Fayre, yikes! Am having a quick clear out but not enough for them to make much money, does anyone have any ideas like how many marbles in a jar, name the teddy etc that won't take too much time to organise as its tommorow, thanks ever so, Lois

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Shoe box lots of holes - stick lollies in in put red label on some of the lolly stick if get red sticker get extra sweet. Only few lollies have stickers very popular as everyone gets a sweet.

Number Sweets in Jar - win the Jar

All mine are sweet related!!


Large cage to park them in at the enterance.

Sorry just been shopping and narrowly avoided small people twice whilst Mums were chatting and neither time did the Mums grab hold of child child or apologise, should have mown then down


Bars of chocolate cut into pieces and guess the weight. Nearest one wins the lot.


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