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Thank You

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank - You to everyone who helped me through Alphonse's passing with kind words and words of condolence. It really helped during a difficult time and was very much appreciated.

Alphonse passed peacefully and is now playing happily at Rainbow Bridge, a special place where beloved pets can play happily and free of pain, fear or sadness.




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Oh Wendy, sorry to read that you have lost your little furry, glad you can take some comfort in the thought he is at Rainbow Bridge. Like you I look forward to the day when at Rainbow Bridge we are united with our loved ones!


It does sound like such a lovely place and I know when I go there, my little friend will be waiting for me, and will probably squeak with happiness


Aww sorry your fury friend didnt make it.

Bet he was well loved and had a good life with you xxx


So sorry Alphonse didn't pull through, it's so hard to lose a pet (or fur baby). Hope Patch isn't missing him too much. xx


I am so sorry your furry friend did not make it.

It is so hard when you loose a pet.


Not to worry too much about Patch. He has 2 new lovely pups to look after. Hope, a mischievous and cute pink-eyed white satin, and a tan coloured rex by the name of Gizmo :)

Wendy xx


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