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Are any of you fellow asthmatics going through menopause? What is it like? Do any of you get morning sickness, feeling dizzy, hot and cold flushes, itchy skin, painful breasts or extreme thirst?

Does it affect your asthma or not? Did you put on weight? or increase in clothes sizes? Do you take HRT?

Did you find you needed to adjust HRT tablets to higher levels?

Any information or symphathy would be great.


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Plumie, you poor thing.

For me, hot flushes are the worst problem. Wear lots of layers and take 'em off of put 'em on depending on how hot you are. It's a bit harder at night because you wake up hot, get rid of the duvet and go back to sleep then wake up cold, retrieve the duvet and go back to sleep ........

Skin very itchy. Dead stroppy all the time, except when crying. I could go on, but I don't want to depress you!




Both my mum and I went through menopause around mid 30s. Feeling faint, too warm was the worst. Didn't get the drenching sweats my mum and others had. Would put on long sleeved top in the morning and have to change it for a short sleeved within about an hour as too warm.

GP prescrobed HRT patches but first day on, the TV news announced they were being withdrawn for some reason or other. Went onto complimentary medicine after that. Aromatherapy - neroli oil rubbed on tummy helped a lot.


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