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Okay I have had a sore tooth for a couple of week...and now it is really sore and I mean Honey in tears sort of sore. I can't get a dentists appointment until thursday...I know it is an abscess can see it! Hate dentists actually it is a real phobia and would rather pull own teeth out. Any ideas how I can make the pain bearable...I have to work tommorow afternoon as meeting new class for next year. Do you think doctor may prescribe antibiotics...may be worth a shot?

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can't hurt to try

but did you have to mention it? i've now got sympathy toothache. and am petrified of th edentins too :o/

geina x


Tramadol was the only thing that knocked my toothache from abcess enough to get through ofsted. Probably not helpful if a. you don't have any, b. it triggers you or c. it did mean getting lifts in and out.


got so bad that have given in and got an emergency dentist appointment at 6:45 dreading it but so need this ache to go!


sorry if a caused sympathetic toothache...hope you get some relief when I get to the are some very weird and wonderful ways to get rid of toothache ...appparently you can bite a tea bag...rub vanilla extract on your tooth, drink vodka and then bite a lime. I am not sure if any work...if dentist doesn't work which should I try first?


Hi Honey

I hope you're all sorted out now. I used to get regular abcesses so I really feel for you. My dentist told me that they should be treated by rinsing your mouth out with very hot, very salty water as soon as you start to feel symptoms and if you can hold the water over the sore spot so much the better - a bit like putting a poultice on a boil, really.


thank you...I did try salty water but I think it had gone past that point. The emergency dentist was fab...makes me feel bad for not liking dentists...he was very understanding, even found out which anti bio's I could have and where i could get them at 8:30pm! I have temp filling and the name of a dentist to help put it right permanently! Thank you dentist.


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