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LOL - TV lines that make you laugh

Anyone watching Junior Doctors? Don't quite know why I am, you'd think we'd all have enough of that, plus kind of scary watching them admit they don't know that much lol.

Anyway...was just cracking up, watching ep. 2 with 2 of the junior doctors being interviewed for hospital radio - I hope no-one with bad ribs or who'd had stomach surgery was listening!

Radio guy: 'If you could be the personal dr of anyone in the world, who would it be?'

Sameer: 'The extraterrestrials. When we're invaded by the alien master race it would be good to know about their anatomy.'

Andy: 'Sameer, so I can work out what's going on with his brain.'

Radio guy: 'If you weren't doctors, what would you be?'

Sameer: 'Batman. I became a doctor to save people from disease. If I couldn't do that, I'd like to save them from organised crime.'

LOL! I want to meet this guy - this was just brilliant!

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Hope they're as comical with the patients. Doctors with an off the wall sense of humor are to be encouraged. I've worked with some great guys.


I think atm they're too nervous to be funny around the patients! But hopefully once they settle in they'll start.


LIke u I have no idea why I watch I just so and I so enjoy it ! Beat bit from this weeks episode has got to be priya's parking !! Between her and andy neither of them could park the car ! Bless


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