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Naughty/trashy/guilty food pleasures

Following on from my 'simple pleasures in life' thread a while a go, thought it could be interesting to see what you all say. Thought about it after a aldis scotch egg left me with usual tight chest ... fine with others

To start, I would say for me scotch eggs/pork pies, pot noodles/cheapo noodle packs, red lemonade, space raiders,

P.S. nothing too naughty or rude

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Chocolate! Though that's not too bad actually as I prefer dark chocolate which is supposed to be relatively good for you. On the other hand I also like choc mini rolls and cornflake clusters...and chocolate biscuits.

Not at home so much, but love chips with garlic mayo. Also onion rings and cocktail sausages. Mmm. Why am I still not hungry thinking about all this?


Heehee, defo agree with the dark choc. Yum, proper chippie chips and gravy or garlic mayo. Have no appetite and eating rather difficult anyway since yesterday so trying to get that back and have a bit of whatever I fancy for now.


Good idea - if you don't want to eat anyway can't make yourself eat stuff you don't like so much! Hope it's not too painful, can def sympathise with no appetite even if I've not had surgery! How long are you off work for?


More sore and pressure/swollen today, have painkillers which take edge off. Off work for 2 weeks


Fish and chips, steak pie, choc, most sweets. Also love Coke Coala, but am trying to wean myself off it, as I know it's bad for me....


Ohhh, how long have you got? I love to have dumplngs with a stew or casserole, so I have to ration myself. Crisps (ready salted) are fine, but does anyone remember potato puffs - yummy. Sausage rolls straight out of the oven. From childhood, scotch pancakes with butter or freshly cooked scones or (listen for the howls of horror!) bread and dripping sprinkled with salt.

I could go on for hours but I figure that's enough for now - every one of these is SO bad for you.

I'll just go and make some dumplings to go with my chicken casserole..........


Ice cream ice cream Ice cream

I like mcflurrys the ice cream in them is so goooood !!

I like mint choc chip and caramel and actually any flavour going hehe !!!


When Im feeling pants - coca cola ice cold with a mars bar! Yum!

I love cholcolate and oreo cookies but cos I do a sport based around my weight, Im not allowed them all the time! Boooo!


Fresh cream cakes, toblerone, hagan daas ice cream, double nougat ice cream and the ultimate naughty treat is hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows ..... Just a shame not aloud a treat everyday !!!!


Mmm, ice cream. Ben and Jerry's or Baskin Robbins at the cinema...mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Crispy duck with hoi sin sauce - yummy


Umm, have to say never been keen on coke or cream cakes etc myself and even less now since discovered this year lactose intolerance. Have icecream maker at home now so that's ok but do miss Ben & Jerrys though.

Would add Findus Crispy pancakes, white pudding & potato waffles, yum yum


Attention ice creamaholics (like myself)

Ben and jerrys ice cream is half price in tesco mmmm brought two tubs today will be disappointed if they get opened Without me hopefully be home for some at the weekend !!


when i was a teenager, the ultimate pick me up for the time of the month was

can diet coke

packet skips

bar raisin & biscuit yorkie

nowadays, i jsut take what treats i can afford. i am partial to a greggs fresh cream apple turn over mind you!

geina xx


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