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Credit Card Disputes

Have any of you good people had any disputes with your credit card companies re ""phantom"" purchases?-I registered a query about 2 ""purchases"" that I didnt recognise on my last statement but I havent heard diddly from them in 3 weeks-am I being a bit naive in epecting some sort of communication back-Im a bit loath to ring as you are on 5 minutes just going through""security"" and it isnt a freephone number!

-any help?

Ta .

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Are they big purchases or small ones with names you don't recogise or can't match them up with your receipts?

I would contact your bank / provider again ASAP! May be some one has skimmed your card in a restaurant or even a petrol station ( I think it has happened recently in Northern England / Scotland) or someone has knicked your ID!

If you can check your credit card on line - I check my bank every few days - or phone them again! A few pennies for a phone call may be worth it to stop more rogue purchases in the future which could be a lot more than a few pennies.

Ask for names and complain ref no. Write everything down.

Good luck



Ta Kate-they were both for around £30 each-in US dollars-I have been it touch with the credit card company by phone and by mail but I was more concerned about the time scale involved in getting some feedback-I thought they would have acknowledged my disputed purchases by now.

Thanks again.


It's definitely worth getting it checked bluejam. Last november during my lunch break from uni I went to get some cash and the machine spat my card back at me. I went into the bank to ask for a statement and found to my horror that my over draft had been maxed out and there were several transactions made in euros showing on there from earlier in the week. I'd just come out of hospital and had definitely not used my card for several days, and certainly hadn't been buying anything in euros! In the end it transpired that my card had been cloned using a device fitted to a cash machine somewhere in the city where I live. I eventually got all the money back from the bank and am very wary about where I use my card now!


Ouch! card scamming has happened to a lot of people.

Machines outside Tescos in Essex were hit recently.

I very rarely use cash machines - I always use cashback or get it from the post office counter.

When I do use a cash machine, I check for odd looking attachments, slips of thin plastic in the card hole (Used by scammers to retrieve 'stuck' cards) and hide my hand when putting in my PIN.

Take care out there!



The thing is ,I very rarely use my credit card for ""general"" purchases and the only transactions I had in the disputed time period were made with another card-my ""back-up"" one so to speak,so I dont think it has been ""skimmed"".


Just got my latest statement today and the suspicious transactions have been ""officially"" removed-phew!


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