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Sponsored walk

Next friday i am going to be doing a sponsored walk in aid of one our local hospices. Its ok i'm not after your money just a little bit of advice.

I am usually quite stable with my asthma apart as long as i keep up with the inhalers. I am planning to take my clenil modulate (2 puffs x 2 times a day) as per usual but am wondering wether to increase it for a couple of days before hand or to take extra ventolin for a couple of days! Our practice nurse is on holiday at the moment so i can't really check with her, she is also an excellent asthma nurse.

The walk is going to be late in the evening so there may well be an issue with damp air or rain!!!!

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Hi Trish - just found your post on a trawl through the boards!

First of all, good luck with the walk and good on you for doing something so positive.

If your asthma is normally well-controlled on your current regime, and you can usually walk distances without any symptoms, then you should be fine to just continue your usual regime and not worry about having to take any extra. Make sure you have your Ventolin with you, just in case you should feel your asthma symptoms whilst walking. Some people, if they know their symptoms are regularly triggered by exercise, find it helpful to take a couple of puffs of Ventolin about 15-20mins before they start, to try to avert the symptoms from starting.

If, on the other hand, your asthma isn't usually well enough controlled to allow you to walk symptom-free, then it's certainly time for a visit to your local friendly asthma nurse or GP for a review. The other option is, as you mention that your asthma nurse is away at the moment, to ring the Asthma UK nurse advice line for a chat about your specific situation - they're better placed to advise :)

HTH and good luck with the walk.



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