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Was not sure where to put this but i'm pretty sure no one will mind if its in the wrong place.

Does anyone get cravings prior to an asthma attack? I have been craving mini cheddars (biscuits) and carbohydrates in general over the last few days and also feel peckish all the time. Today my asthma, which had been pretty good, is now really niggly with tightness and wheeziness. Not enough to need anything other than normal inhalers but enough to stop me getting on with stuff!!!

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i get cravings after as i tend to comfort eat a lot...not good though i've put on tonnes of weight!


my craving comes when on pred,just want fizzy stuff all the time

cola bottles the best so fizzy yum!!!

love Glynis xxx


I get it too. after an attack. think it's cause of the energy used in coughing so much and trying to breathe.


i dont get cravings but get burning hot feet, cant bear anything on my feet. then usually end up in shorts and tee shirt moaning about the heat...... just prior to an asthma episode


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