Vending Machine Game

Insert anything into the vending machine, except money, then sit back and watch what comes out the other insert the object, someone else tells you what you got. Then that person inserts something. Only one rule!

No currency!


Person One : I insert a ball of yarn.

Person Two: You get a new scarf.

I insert a loaf of bread.

Another Person: You get croutons.

I insert a tomato plant.... etc, etc

63 Replies

  • dolmayo sauce.

    I inserted a banana and got

  • You got a troupe of monkeys!

    I put in some oil..

  • a banana split

    i inserted a guitar

  • ear plugs.

    I put in a potato and got

  • You got some french fries.

    I inserted drumsticks

  • You got a band.

    I inserted a rabbit

  • came out a dove

    I Put in a flower

  • I put in a dove and out came some moisturiser.

  • I put in a lipstick and came out

  • came out a clown- I put in a pencil

  • and out came a self portrait.

    I put in a polar bear

  • and came out black.

    I put in a comb

  • come came out as brush- I put in a apple

  • You got apple pie. I put in an orange

  • came out orange juice-I put in a bucket

  • came out orange juice-I put in a bucket

  • You got some ice

    I put in some hay

  • you got a hourse-I put in some false teeth

  • I put in false teeth and got out a tube of tooth paste

  • You got a dentist!

    I put in an old car...

  • And got a enzo Ferreri. I put in a gas canastor

  • and got a barbique and put in a watch

  • AndI got some time, I put in a fossil

  • and came out a house brick,I put in a mobile phone

  • out came a blackberry. I put in a book

  • And out came some knowledge, so I put in some experience

  • i put in some tea bags and came out

  • Out came some teabags, so I put in a composter

  • Out came some rhubarb. I put in a rolling pin

  • and got out a pie. I put in a sock

  • and got out a foot-I put in a newspaper

  • and got out some chips so I put in a fish.

  • came out a shark-put in a fishing rod

  • You caught a rusty bicycle. I put in a clock

  • and came out a cookoo-I put in a kipper

  • and out came a jug so I put in some milk

  • came out a cow,I put in a kitten

  • You got a cat burglar. I put in a window

  • and got out a view so I put in a sunset.

  • You got pink fluffy clouds. I put in a rainbow.

  • You get a pot of gold. I put in a smelly sock

  • You got a clothes peg for your nose! I put in a cup of coffee

  • and came out a teabag-i put in a teaspoon

  • You got a ladle. I put in a pebble

  • i got s spade-I put in a flag

  • And I got a castle-So I put in a gold watch

  • and got out some freetime, so I put in a book

  • You got a Billy bookcase. I put in this laptop

  • put in a laptop and got out a phone directory

  • Put phone directory in and out popped a very flat cat!!!

  • I got a flat cat and put in a dog

  • it came out a hot dog-I put in a monkey

  • and came out a gorilla-i put in a dustbin

  • It came out rubbish. I inserted a pencil..

  • it came out a sharp needle-I put in a rubber

  • You Got A Tyre I Put In A Laptop

  • and came out a typrighter and put in a dongle

  • You got a computer chip.

    I put in some sunshine...

  • came out burnt-put in some sun cream

  • You got a ticket to Australia

    I put in a wasp..

  • I got stung. I put in a tea cup.

  • and came out full of pop.

    I put in a lamp shade

  • and came out smashed,I put in a frying pan

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