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What a day!!!!

Well i knew it was going to be one of those days when hubby woke me up by opening all the windows and doors in the house because the toaster had not popped!! So house reeked of burnt toast and toaster parts!! With one COPD sufferer (him) and one asthmatic (me) in the house you can imagine the inhalers were in use!

Then at 11.30 text message from my sister came through on my mobile ""Ring me! URGENT!!!!!!"" Did as requested. She is in Great Yarmouth on holidays (a very well deserved one i might add) and the neighbour who was popping in to see to our mum (COPD suffer) had found her very sleepy, unresponsive and confused! We are only 5 minutes drive from the hospital and we actually beat the ambulance there. Mum is quite poorly with a chest infection and on Bipap! Felt like landing one on one of the doctors who decided that mum would probably be well enough to be sent home today despite the fact they were struggling to get her oxygen levels above 80%. I also pointed out that there was no-one at home to care for mum and that i am unable to do so as i have my husband to care for. Doctors comment was that they would probably be able to arrange for a care team to visit a couple of times a day! Not too sure she realises that such things are easier said than done. Respitory (sp) nurse soon put her right on that issue!

When i finally left mum at 8.30 she was still waiting to go to a ward as it had taken them till then to stabilise her properly! Looks like tomorrow will be even busier than i first planned!!!!!

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yep thats a bad day. who can they think sending someone in every couple of days is gunna work? im amazed they are sending her home if her sats are so low.good luck with your other half-as i have ocd myself i sympathise totally with both of you x


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