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Is life fair??

My next door neighbour,bless her,is one of the kindest,gentlest persons you could wish to meet and to ""reward"" her for this she suffers very bad depressions,has had a double Mastectomy and has now been diagnosed with arthritis in her hips and spine and yet Sun columnist/Talkcrap presenter John Gaunt has excellent health??????!!!

-wheres the justice there?

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life is never fair... for anyone! I think we will just have to suck it up and live with it. Look on the bright side of it, things could be much worse! Things can ALWAYS be worse. It could be raining =O


hi there

hi there i have loss my nan today at she was in on pain and i was there when she took for the trun of the wose it hasit set in yet but i will i hit me next friday when i goes up there to stay with my nan i got my mam and dad with me so i wont feel low take care how reads this message


Bluejam, this has been one of those conundrums that has me philosophising for hours. Are the people who have had to suffer nicer people for it? Are they the nicest people you know because they value the things they have because things are so much more difficult for it?

Next to them the idiots who go on about things, talk rubbish and have never had to struggle with their health are like that because they just don't know how bad things can really be.

I have to believe this is the case, or, instead I'd be thinking that its always the good people who get punished. And I can't believe that.



Maybe God/Buddah/Allah whatever has a reverse sense of morality and its actually the a***holes they want to prosper-but I am a cynical atheist !!


Hey, but the nice people leave the best mark on this Earth. Look at Jill Hicks - lost both legs in the 7/7 London tube bombings and now devoted to promoting world peace. She just wishes she could have told her bomber that she was not his enemy.

Having been caught up in it too, I will definitely always remember them both, but I certainly know which one I will always admire most.




is life fair

Obviously not - you get one life and I want to be an raf pilot but I cant cos I used to have asthma. You get one life then your gone and its crap, crap, crap! lol.

Im gonna fly harriers in the navy insted!


As if to emphasise this,I,ve just been informed by her daughter that my neighbour got ""bumped"" by a car this morning but ""only"" suffered a broken wrist!!!


life just happens sometimes!

Depends how u look at life I guess - i try not to think about it... life just happens!

The last 12 months for our family...

I have an emergency c-section under GA due to pre-eclampsia causing kidney failure (but get a beautiful lickle bundle out of it!), my mother in law has to have a hysterectomy (has 9 months off work just as Alys is born and gets to see her nearly every day!), my mum's broken ankle still wont fix and now has arthritis in it, my other half loses his job (but finds a better one!),

In the last 3 months...

My other half's grandad dies after a long battle with parkinson's on the thursday, i have a miscarriage on the monday and my other half has a massive bike accident breaking his shoulder, the other wrist and his ankle (not his fault, but will be xmas before he walks again) on the wednesday... we spend 6 weeeks living with the in-laws and my asthma returns with avengence due to stress AND THEN LAST WEEK my little monster pours boiling hot chocolate down herself and ends up with huge superficial burns to her chest and arms.....

But hey at least i dont have time to get bored!...


Sometimes no but we had 18 months of hell, my brittle asthmatic son had pneumonia in January, has been very ill for a long time before, I had a mini stroke coz of stress last year, it did quite a bit of damage (physically and mentally) my Hubby had major surgery (went in for minor op) as he has crohns and his insides glued together and my eldest son has signs of crohns too, he's nearly 11. We've been told to keep him on the chubby side incase! We've laughed all the way through with dark humour and my eldest said ""this has been the worst time of my life but also the best, you can sometimes only see the good in life through bad times"" wow I thought and think of this often and we are all still here, I nearly lost my youngest son and my hubby but there are people worse off who have lost loved ones.

Take care and think of the good through the bad times, it does help , Rattles x


yep have to agree - if we didnt laugh about the fact we've all nearly died in the last year, we would cry....

Besides my great nan always told me that frowning gives u wrinkles and i certainly dont want wrinkles so we dont frown we laugh!!


also if matt hadn't had his accident he wouldnt be working from home right now and wouldn't have seen our littlie take her first steps last week!


I hope your daughter is recovering well from her burns Midgie, my eldest son did the same at 18 months when staying at my Mum-in-laws with a boiling hot cup of coffee!You seem to be going through a nightmare time too at the moment, probably living in survival mode like us at the mo!nothing can be planned too far in advance just in case!it's driving me mad, my best friend lives in Bermuda and we have been trying to visit for 2 years now but with everyone's health issues got to wait another 6 months.dreading finding travel insurance more than the air fares!I've got a good imagination just have to wish myself there, sun, sand, sea ah... back in reality!

Oh well there's always next year x


hi rattles,

Yep she saw the nurse for the last time on wednesday and it should just heal up on its own now... celebrated by taking her to the library for the first time which she loved! I know what u meanabout not wanting to plan anything, its Alys' first birthday in 2 weeks and we dont want to plan anything yet because we are just waiting for whatever gets chucked our way next! Everyone has just been asked to keep the day free and we'll hopefully get some good weather and go to the new forest for some camping and bbq's!

Bermuda sounds lovely... here's hoping youre all fit enough to go soon!

take care xxx


is life is fair

we had some bad news that my one of the famley got cancer he live up newcastel and can you all say a prear for us. Me and mam camp out over night for the conset ticket we got back on satuaday i went for a sleep then i got up and up on the com see what email and that we got the news


I think sickies appreciate life more, day by day, step by step you appreciate the little things and little achievements like not dropping a cup of coffee while walking up the stairs or even just making it up the stairs!

Some of the people who get most out of life are those who struggle to do things it seems to make them more determined. All the guide leaders I know who volunteer everyweek to look after 24 children for 2 hours have some sort of major medical problem and yet still manage to do stuff like take them abseiling!

Although life can sometimes be hell i wouldn't swap with any of the playground mafia mums who think their biggest problem is not being able to get their nails done before picking up the kids.

I just think its the DLA system thats not fair!

Ramble over!


Came across this quote from Nietzsche,s book ""Twilight of the Idols""

""The most spiritual human beings,assuming they are the most courageous,also experience by far the most painful tragedies;but it is precisely for this reason they honour life,because it brings against them its most formidable weapons""

-good thinkers those 19th century Germans!!


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