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Can anyone tell me which software is best to use for making HTML documents?

OK So as many of you know I have a website selling t#at the moment washable spacer bags and inhaler cases and I have just upgrade paypal to a business account and I am trying to get Paypal on to my website but my website wont accept the HTML code straight on the HTML editor on the site. I do everything on the website so I don't have anything on the computer that I know off that is linked to the website. I am so confused I think I need to get a software to make HTML documents on the computer and then upload that top the website.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance


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you could try this


I've picked free software as it's usually adequate for most needs, and who needs to pay for something when plenty of very good free stuff around.

cute HTML which I used has been discontinued, but a basic text file if you know HTML is possible. just edit the HTML code for the page in a basic text file and insert the code you require. If the software above doesn't work, then pm me and then you can email me the code for the web page and the paypal code and I'll insert it for you.



You can save any document as a web file extension and then upload it to a website and it will be a webpage.

For example, you can open an ordinary text file in notepad or wordpad, write some HTML code into it, save the file with a htm or html extension, upload it to your website and it will be a web page.

You do not provide enough information for a detailed answer I am afraid and, alas, I just posted on a previous post that I am leaving this forum.

If you do not get the help you need here may I suggest you post a more detailed question about what you are doing on one of the numerous paypal, ebay, blogging, IT, etc, forums.

Best of luck.



Thank you both. Will see how I get on. Never thought building a web-site would be so hard but also very rewarding at the same time


Got HTML's working on my website know. Thank you both once again for the brilliant help. Using a note-pad document on the computer and saving it so it is compatible for the web.


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