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nice tip for kiddies inhaler bags

Not steping on anyones toes as there are some lovely links on here previously for inhaler bags .

I have just bought 3 pencil cases from morrisons photo shop . You order at counter by downloading photo and they post them out in matter of days .

They are nice and chunky and you can have a photo on the front . I have had lovely photos of callum put on mine and if he gets into difficulty and his inhaler is in the school classroom or in cubs or similar situations the leaders can easily identify the inhaler belonging to him quickly due to the photo . I also purchased one of those big clips rock climbers use from go outdoors for 99p and he can clip the case on his clothes when needed .

they worked out at about 7 or 8 pounds each and easily hold inhalers and spacer with room for his peak flow as well if needed .

would post a photo but I am rubbish at computers

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That is a great idea! xx


thats a great idea i've been looking for something for my son to use for his inhaler and spacer i'll take a look at these ideas thank you for sharing :o)


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