Asthma and food allergies

I have identical twin boys who will be 3 this week. They have both been 'suspected' asthmatics since they were 10 months old. We had the results of allergy tests on thurs and found they are allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, soya, peanuts and one of them to house dust mite.

We have a gp appointment tomorrow to discuss the results ( i was given them via telephone by their asthma / allergy nurse)

Does anyone have any experience of this, and also will cutting out / down these products improve their asthma? We have started to change their diet but hope we will be referred to a dietician.

Also plastered across the hospital print outs I received in the post today for one of the boys is SEVERE ASTHMATIC. We were led to beleieve there was no diagnosis yet. Does this mean he has a diagnosis or could this just be something that has been given as a reason for the allergy tests? He did have a severe attack in August resulting in a cardiac arrest (the reason they have now taken my suspicions of allergies seriously at last!)

Also, one twin has a Ige result of 107 (the one stated as severe asthmatic), the other of 230. this seems a massive difference to me. Could this mean there are more unknown allergies in one child?

I will discuss all this with the GP tomorrow but would appreciate any insight.



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  • hi my son is also a severe asthmatic and has serious food allergies with eggs, fish and all nuts, when he was younger he was also allergic to milk, he is also allergic to house dust mite, cats, pollen he is on alot of meds... is he under the care of a pead lung doc if not please try and get to see one as my son has now got a percentage of lung damage because the pead he was under struggled to keep owen asthma under control and he finally admitted defete after 8 years under his care and refered us to a pead lung doc, when we went to see him he was admitted there and then..... and now 4yrs down the line owens asthma is still troublesome and i still believe tht if owen was seen earlier his asthma wouldnt be as troublesome.... if u wana chat i will and if uv got any more questions i will try and help u...... yes if its on the letters tht the gp gets tht he is severe asthmatic then he is...... yes cutting out the foods tht are triggers should help greatly and should stop the allergies going into anaphalixis also on the house dust mite it is recommended tht u should have as little carpet as possible and damp dust everywhere every other day i dont use curtains in owens bedroom only a blind and he has wooden flooring in his bedroom also it is recommended tht u put teddies in the freezer as this kills the house dust mite, also anti-allergic mattress covers help a great deal i also was owens duvet covers on a high temp wash and wash owen duvet once a month hope tht helps abit if u need to chat ill be here and ill reply regards ruth

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