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New nursery - Any advice

Hi everybody I wanted to say thankyou for those who replied to my previous post and for the support thats been offered to me. I've found it really invaluable.

Holly starts a new nursery in a couple of weeks and we've been and met with the nursery head and some of the teachers. They know all about Holly's asthma and they've been shown how to use the nebuliser but I'm just a bit worried about whether they'll give her inhalers and the nebuliser in time when it's needed. They say they've never had a child thats had such severe asthma as Holly but they also say that they're confident they can deal with it. I'm also worried cos she has to use a special pushchair a lot of the time and I don't want her to feel different or be singled out.

I'll only be 10 minutes away from her but I'm worried that if they hesitate that 10 minutes could make a huge difference to her. I don't want to smother her or be pushy with the nursery but I am woried. She hasn't left my side since her last stay in hospital and I don't want her to but I also know that she's got to lead as full a life as possible and that includes nursey but I just can't shake the feeling that they might not pick up on the signs of her getting poorly.

I'd be grateful for any advice, even if it is telling me to get a grip and stop being so overprotective.

Anne x

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Hi you are not being silly or over protective to Holly. I'm in the same situation only Chloes a little's really hard in the first year especially when they've never experienced anyone with severe asthma.In my experience with Chloe nursery were much better at dealing with a crisis than school ever are. Staff at the nursery were also more willing to learn how to deal with the situation where as school is still a nightmare three years later.fingers crossed everything will run smoothly for you and Holly. Let us know how things go.Nikki


hi there. michael goes to nursery 5 days a week (well we pay for 5 days...whether he goes or not is a different story!) and he absolutely loves is. yes sometimes hes wheezy and they dont notice at the exact early stage that i do but then again im mum so noone will! he uses a mobility pushchair too and to be honest he feels less different now than he did before. they are so cautious with him and ALWAYS use his pushchair, even though he can sometims manage without, they dont risk it. i too m literally 5 mins from nursery but they have only had to contact me a few times. i think she will enjoy it and i have noticed that michael is alot better at noticing when hes is trouble cos he knows im not there, he knows he has to SAY if hes not feeling right. this has actually helped his control cos were catching it now when he FEELS it rather than when we can hear it!! sometimes thats all the difference. good luck, let us know how it goes!


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