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Update to night cough

Thought I'd update you on my 3 year old's night cough (a few messages ago). I took him to the doctors, who said he should increase his reliever inhaler to 2 puffs twice a day (he was on the minimum of 1 twice a day) and started him on amoxycillin (which he's had twice before). His chest was clear so didn't give him any steroids as he had before. After spending almost the whole night awake coughing the night before, miraculously the following night he didn't wake once. Obviously it couldn't have been the antibiotic as it couldn't have got into his system by then. I think his coughing must have been asthma, but it's very hard to understand what the triggers for him are as he's bad one minute and fine the next. The most important thing is that he's much better at the moment. When we have a really bad night, I can understand the rest of you or your children who have many bad nights (and days!). It must be so frustrating. I also remember how awful it is to feel breathless as I used to have asthma bad when I was younger. We had a field at the end of our road and my mum and I often had to go back home after crossing it on the way to school. I still have asthma but it's much better thank goodness.

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