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What next???

we haven't had a good month with my son. right at the beginning of May he developed a bad cold and cough, with asthma symptoms mostly at night(wheeze). 3 visits to asthma nursed/dr's got us nowhere as there was no wheeze when examined. About 10 days after that had cleared it started again exactly the same, but a more persistent wheeze at night, after 6 nights of wheezing I was relieved to be given singulair, that evening saw a huge improvement and he soon returned to normal. This lasted a week before it started up again and we took him to out of hours dr's who agreed he was working harder/not breathing right but didn't think it was enough for steroids. We got anti-b for crackle/possible chest infection and was advised to increase blue inhaler. Last night I was not at all happy, even after blue inhaler was very crackly and was doing lots of short sharp breaths using tummy muscles, so took him to A&E and after around an hour or more in the waiting room we finally saw a dr around 1am. but by this time he was fully awake and there was no wheeze or pulling in of tummy and so were sent home. I am just do fed up and tired, I don't know what to do. His medication is obviously not protecting him but without dragging a doctor to his bed when he is asleep what can you do. He is not under a specialist, do you think it is time I pushed for one? I have booked to see gp next week, and will see if he will refer him.

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I think if you feel that you need further help other than from your GP it is time to ask for a referal, if your GP is reluctant to give you one at least then he will see how concerned you are ahout your son. Can I ask how old your son is? Also I believe singulair can take quite a few weeks to get into your system and take full effect, so hopefully he may still improve!

Don't worry about making a fuss, if you feel that your child needs to be seen in a emergancy situation you are more than likely right :)

I hope things start getting easier for you and your son really soon!

ally x


Thanks for your reply Ally, he is 3year old. The GP who prescribed the Singular said that the effects are pretty much instant and gave a months supply. It could have just been a coincidence that he was much better the first time he took it but I don't think it was. Just a shame it hasn't been enough to stop symptoms this time round. Last night he was very crackly and also wheezy but thankfully his breathing was ok so keeping my fingers crossed that the asthma symptoms are from an infection that the antibiotics are fixing.


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