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A very overwhelmed newbie


I am new to all this and very confused and overwhelmed by how much there is to take in.

My 3yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with asthma after 6 long months of doctors trips and various medications to rule out other possibilities. She was doing really well on her inhalers until she developed a cold on Friday. Now she is back to coughing constantly, her inhalers seem to be providing no relief :(

Is there anything else I can do to help her or ease her symptoms?


Alana x

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welcome to the forum

pleae spend time to navigate the site and familiarise yourself with all the info to help u understand more bout asthma and the medications. they also produce publications for you, as talking from experience - gps tell u hardly anything other than diagnosis hand u prescription then chuck u out the door! expecting u to take it all in.

the asthma nurse helpline - number top left - is alsop good for advice and support too :)

with regards to her symptoms, is coughing only symptom? is she coughing all the time?

does the blue inhaler provide any relief and for how long? does she struggle catch her breath?

should be able manage 4 hrly between inhaler, of at least 2 puffs blue inhaler sometimes more if needed. but obviously if she has a cold then she will be needing more.

make sure plenty of fluids - as sips not gulps so doesnd choke when coughing!! try putting a bowl of warm water on top of the heater/ radiator in her room at night as this will moisten the air whilst she is asleep, and obviously go by maternal instinct - docs straight away if ur concerned bout her breathing.

hope her breathing improves soon,feel free pm me :)

x xx


There's not much I can add to what Snowygirl said - it's all really good, but I wanted to just emphasise that you're not alone. It is overwhelming sometimes, especially when it's all new, but you can do it - learn as much as you can, and don't be anxious about asking questions here on the forum or ringing the asthma nurses for a chat.

I used to find steam very helpful when I was little and struggling. Some of my clearest memories are of sitting on the edge of the bath with my dad with the hot tap running, working on inhaling lots of steam (and lots of air along with it)!

What Snowygirl said about staying hydrated is really important, especially when your daughter has a cold, and also what she said about trusting your mummy-instinct. If you think your little girl needs more support than you can give her at home, just pop along and see your GP and don't feel as though you're being a nuisance. That's what they're there for!

Hope you feel less overwhelmed soon!



Colds always trigger my and my son's asthma - ie make it worse. We both take extra vits (Vit C and D, good multivitamin, plus others) and although it's taken a long time to build up, I do think it's helped. Sorry I cant be more help but feel free to PM me anytime. You are so not alone in how you are feeling.


Thank you all for your replies. I have made an appointment with the GP this morning and one with the asthma nurse tomorrow. At the moment her only symptom is coughing an up until she had a cold her blue inhaler seemed to be helping. However, she is getting no relief at all from it now and is coughing contantly to the point of being sick at times. I have no ingormation as to whether I can up her dose while she has a cold or is worse than normal, the doc basically gave me an inhaler and let me get on with it with extremely limited information. She only has 2 puffs when needed but like I saud this is not helping at all she just coughs her way through it then carries on after its given. She is struggling to sleep with no relief too, the best I could think to do was prop her up and open her window but that had no effect either :( Any advice is appreciated, thank you so much for replying.


if she can keep it down without the vomiting, calpol (paracetamol)is good, especially if she coughing all the time as she will be straining all the chest and tummy muscles so try giving regular calpol to her she if that will help?

x x


Well, docs trip completed and she seemed a bit clueless to be honest. She said I can give her 2 puffs every half hour. My little sister who's son the same age has pretty bad asthma said this is very extreme and seems to think I should try 4-6 puffs every 4 hours. Very confusing......hoping the asthma nurse can shed some light tomorrow x


no offence but she does seem a lil clueless as that sounds a lil extreme unless she in acute attack.

have you tried ringing the asthmaUK nurses yet - number top left hand page - 0800 121 62 44 - as they can give you advice and support which maybe more productive for you!

hope her cough is a little easier today and you get more support and advice



Not rang them yet but think I might give them a call for peace of mind, thanks you have been really helpful xxx :)


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