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at a loss nut allergy

my daughter has been asthmatic since about 5-6 yrs she just turned 16 yrs on sunday she had a reaction to nuts not anaphaylatic (sp) but itching all over her face throat ears eyes a small amount of swelling but her tongue didn't now we are told to avoid all nuts she needed some ventolin but using anthistamines she was ok thankfully she also suffers with oral allergy syndrome

it just doesn't seem possible one day eating something the next having these reactions uptill now her oas had been only fruits is nuts more likely to be oas or just a nut allergy she off for testing various nuts at the end of the month

she had a slight reaction (tingly itchy roof of mouth )the next day with a chocolate bar that had been made in a factory where nuts were used no nuts in the receipe she couldn't get it out of her mouth quick enough

i know there are a lot of here with allergys to various thing so if anyone has any advice for me to help her throu this i would be really greatful



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Sorry to hear that your daughter has had a reaction to nuts.

I am allergic to egg, this crept up on me too!

(Though I blame eating too many hospital omlettes many years ago as that was what they fed veggies & milk free diets back then!) Yes you can be quite happily eating a food and then your body rebels!

I would see your GP ASAP regarding this as the next reaction could be worse. They may order some allergy tests and also advise on how to treat future reactions. They may prescribe an epipen (Adrenaline) to carry just in case of a severe reaction. Don't worry, these are fairly easy to use, explain to everyone how to use them. You may never need to use it. This is one option.

Get in the habit of checking ingredients too - anoying but will save having a reaction.

Have a look at the Anaphylaxis campaign web site

They have a very good help line too!

Regarding OAS and allergy, may be an allergy to nuts but the two are related. Also foods with similar proteins in may cause reactions.

Hope this helps a bit! Please don't panic but if she has another reaction, take her to A&E or call 999 if severe reaction / asthma, please don't be afraid to make a fuss, better safe than sorry.




food allergies

I had an anaphylactic shock/severe asthma after being prescribed antibiotics (which I'm sure I've had before without probs) in May.

Since then I've had all kinds of fun with foods, including nuts - which I've always eaten regularly. First noticed a wheeze/swollen throat after eating, thinking I'd imagined it tried again - this time worse wheeze + swollen itchy throat, struggling swallowing, racing heart but luckily piriton and inhaler relieved symptoms.

Until you've seen Allergy Specialists It'd be wise for your daughter to avoid nuts completely and watch out 'cos they're in all sorts of prepared foods. I've had reactions to other foods as well so my GP has told me to prepare all food myself until I see my Specialist, so I'm getting my head around the baking biscuits and cakes thing if I want a treat! I also noticed I had a slight reaction to a Galaxy bar, I've been OK with Green and Blacks Organic dark chocolate though!!!

Make sure you've got some decent antihistamines in like Piriton and she's well stocked up on her inhalers. My GP's also advised me not to think twice about going to A&E or calling an ambulance if I get any symptoms.

Keep a diary of any symptoms and possible causes including if it's triggering her asthma as well - it'll help get the best out of your Allergy Specialist's appointment.

Hope this helps and good luck!


Quick myth buster here. I am told by the allergy specialist at the RBH that reactions do not get progressively worse. I had assumed that was the case and said so but it seems whilst your reactions might vary there is no data that shows continued exposure will cause gradually worsening reactions.



thank u all good advice as usual and thanks for the pm''s as well

sorry in not replying sooner had problems getting on here

we now waiting for blood test as prick test s came back negative but she still reacting

thanks again karen


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