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new and stuck


I am Dad too 7 year old Alex who is my only child.

Alex has just gone up to junior school from infant school and since starting

he has had 4 chest infections and now has come down with a cold.

The thing is nothing seems to be working at all well and Alex in him self is very weepy which is not at all him. I picked him up from school Friday he was very puffed out and again very weepy I tired to get to speak to his teacher who has been made very aware of Alex's asthma ect but she wouldn't talk told me I had to make an appointment am not used to this I used to speak to his old teacher morning and night but they don't seem to do that in juniors!

Also due to Alex being so ill he has had a lot of time of but the school have started to complain they don't seem think that asthma is a good enough

Reason to be of so much.

When Alex is crying his eyes out because he is finding it so hard to breathe I am not going to send him in that state also he isn't sleeping much so looks like a walking zombie.

Am at the end of the road I am really considering putting Alex in a new school although that wont change his poor health.

I didn't know what else to do thought maybe some one could give me some

advice thanks.

Very stressed and Worried Dad Dan x

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Edit - Welcome Dant30. Have a action plan off the doc and what he takes and how it efects him. Make an appointment to see your sons teacher and head of his year teacher.When you are happy with it they will email it to all his teachers.They also should have firstaiders to be at hand. Had to do it for my son for hearing impairment.its me with asthma .Good luck and I work in a school.love Glynis x Edit_also for his epilepcy x


Hi Dan,

Sorry you're having a bad time....get your school nurse involved. You can find out who she is from your Primary Care Trust. They are employed by health and part of their job is to write care plans for children in schools with serious health issues.

Also - have a look at this and download the PDF document:


Also have a look at this website:


If I can be of any more help please just shout, I used to be a school nurse.

Good luck!



Hi Dan, I would make an appointment to see the head. We had the same problem last year which resulted in my Son being very ill.When I told the head teacher what had happened, she was horrified and as an asthmatic herself promised to sort the situation which she has.Has you Son got a consultant, if so get them to send a letter explaining how serious your Sons asthma is and it must not be ignored.I printed off loads of information about brittle asthma type 2 which my 10 year old has, and highlighted the really scary bits.I told the teacher he must read the information but store it in the staff room as I don't wish my Son to ever see it.

Matty has just been in hospital as his asthma has been severe and has only managed about 3 days this term.The school have been fantastic and LSA has watched me nebulise Matty and now cleans the equipment afterwards and stores it in the cupboard.They also write all his meds taken in a book with the date and the time.i put the info weekly about his meds, it will be daily when he goes back tomorrow due to reducing pred.All the hospital letters are with his neb in case of ambulance crew assistance.Matty has been crying lots as the pressure of his sats this year have got him, the teacher came out of class when he was ill Friday and explained to my son, please ""dont worry you are bright and you will catch up, just get well soon""

Sorry for the long post but you really do need more support from the school, they really have to take this seriously, Good luck, you could always threaten to take story to the press



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