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help - losing daughter's support in school


this is a real cry for help - I've posted on here before - in a nutshell, my daughter has anaphylaxis/severe allergies, eczema and brittle asthma. Up until now she has had a 1-1 TA with her the whole time in school which has meant she has been able to carry on 'as normal' as much as possible. Saying this, she has been watched like a hawk in the dinner hall (TA has stopped cross contamination, administered medication, etc.) She has been given her inhaler regularly throughout the day - most days, up to hourly. Doctors say that because her ribcage has expanded so much as a result of having so many attacks from birth, it is impossible to know when she's struggling without being really close to her. I do not trust teachers to be able to know when she's going down hill, and like many people on this forum, she goes downhill very quickly.

The problem is, academically she's bright and is making good progress - the LA fail to see that if it wasn't for my guardian angel of a TA, she probably wouldn't be at school at all. What on earth do I do? I'm going to appeal, quoting the DDA and stamping my feet very loudly - but I don't hold out much hope.

I would really appreciate some advice

Thank you


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Hi Jan1

Read your post and hoping you can stamp your feet loud enough to help your daughter at school. Can your doctors write a firm letter to the LA? Failing that, could you teach her at home?

It seems such a pity if your daughter is getting on so well at school, that she should come against this barrier where asthma is not being properly understood by LA.

I do hope that you can get somewhere with this. Its only now that I have asthma myself, that I'm beginning to appreciate just how many hoops people have to go through just to get the smallest thing done.

Having had a child with milk and dairy allergy, I can understand a little better than most folk in the street.

I wish you good luck in your dealings with LA and send a virtual hug, OOOOOOOOOO

Moira xx


In no way am I being political but it might help (and I have no connections with any political organistaions). There was a flurry of articles recently - MP Sandra Gidley wants to promote better services for children with asthma in schools. She may be interested in your case or know who to contact perhaps? She's the LIb Dem Public Health person. You can contact her at her home website

Have you got a Statement? Sorry if that's a basic question. I don't know whether this a normal procedure or not but a friend with a CF child says it has made it much easier for her son to get the school on her side - extra funding for the school etc. Does a statement make any difference for a LA? More questions I know - sorry.

Its awful for you to be put in this situation. Trying to get across to the LA the potential gravity of your daughters sitaution must be disheartening and upsetting to say the least. However upsetting it is, they need it to be spelt out to them - can you take a friend or testimony/evidence with you? She deserves a good education in a safe environment and you entrust your LA with her safety and well being. Reading the other posts, it seems there's way to many battles to be fought with absolutely everyone.

If the appeal fails, home teaching is not a poor second choice, a big, big compromise but not the end of a bright academic future.

I wish you lots of luck and hope that your LA listen and you get to keep your TA and your daughter thrives.


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