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Gasp, Shock Horray

finally a doctor that seems to know whats shes talking about

my 21/2 year old had appointment with a doctor today and was shocked that we didnt have the usaual is she ok yes fine heres a prescription,that we usually get.

she chatted to rosemary and rosemary told her her tummy hurt so she had a good listen and told her that it all sounded fine and that she thought it was ok.

she then checked out her throat, nose and ears and told me she thought rosemary might be starting with a cold and to keep an eye on her over the next few days.

And then told us to book in for a flu jab and that she wanted her review again in 2 months just to keep and eye on her to try and catch any chest infections and bronchitis before they get started (3 chest infections and 1 bad bout of bronchitis last winter).

i was so shocked this is the first time i have felt that some one at the surgery is actually being proactive rather than just waiting till some thing goes wrong.

just thought i would share that there are some good doctors out there, its just a shame shes a locum

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hi. im so glad that you and your daughter have had such a positive experience. maybe you could consider changing GP, if this locum doesnt usually work too far away, or is she ""just"" a locum? sorry if thats a bit OTT, just an idea to float... hope you stay well. Regards.



thats great news, at last someone is listening to you and keeping a proper check on your daughter and you should make a fuss if after the locum has gone no one else keeps up with her care, we had a great asthma nurse until 6 months ago she left and now we have one who is exactly like your passed experiences she just rushes everything,


very tempting to try and find out but she is american and i know they sometimes come across for experiance of different areas for a year or so.

but we are currently trying to sell our house so have been doing a bit of research into new surgerys and have found one that has a proper asthma clinic so might have a try there


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