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confused with childs asthma

hey all ,

iv wrote in on few occusions iv got a 3 year old with asthma been on medication for about 2 years iv had my good days with him and bad days well at the minute im confused to how and why has this happened , let me explain ok,

it started about 2 weeks ago he had a chesty cough i took him to asthma clinic and she said no his chest is clear, at this day she also put his becto up to 4 puffs twice a day, week on cough was still there i just tryed to put it to the back of my head just thinking that the snow we had was cold on his chest, at the end of last week come thursday and friday he seemed hyper active he has never been like this he was so hard to calm down, he spent the weekend down his dads and came back sunday night he still got his chesty cough by this point, i was woken up this morning at 5am with him coughing and it wasnt his chesty cough it was his dry asthma cough iv semed to notice wat cough is wat now with him might sound stupid i no but surley some one must understand what i mean , any way wat got to me is how can he be back to coughing in the night with his asthma when they have Upped his inhaler used to 4 puffs twice daily i thought this would help him and reduce the asthma coughing, any one with ideas as to why he has seemed to turn and gone back down hill

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could be number of reasons. am struggling self at mo on top meds. could be weather or just after effects of his cold. may take meds little while to kick in on higher dose but if you not happy take him back. i tell mums i see that you with your child all time and you know best if they not well whatever proff say.


if he is still not better on increased dose of inhalers, you should take him back to see the GP - he may need some other medication to get him through the winter.




Hi, I would take your little fella back to gp as nighttime coughing often means asthma isnt under control. With regards the knowing the different coughs I so understand that.. Sean has the wet sounding cough that I lie in bed and think I wish he would just clear it or he has the tight dry cough that I know means he going to need neb asap.

Let us know how u get on

j x


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