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Does my 5 year old daughter really have Asthma?

Hi there. My 5 yr old Daughter was diagnosed with Asthma last week and i'm not completely sure that its the correct diagnosis.

We all had a very snotty head cold in October of last year and everyone seemed to recover except my daughter (she's normally superfit and never suffers with anything).The cough was persistant and her temperature hovered about 1c above her 'normal' ( her normal is 36.5) she also seemed tired and got red cheeked after any running around (she can normally run for ever and not break a sweat). We took her to the doctor twice over a 4 week period and eventually they gave her a blood test that showed she had a low white blood cell count and high protein blood count, which suggested she had a viral infection.

Now into February the cough and the slight fatigue is still with her so we returned to the doctor who diagnosed Asthma. Does this sound like Asthma?

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I can't offically diagnose anything but i went down a similar rode one bad cold then i was struggling for breath when i used to be the fastest runner in my year it was difficult to except when i was told but its just a case of waiting it out... has your daughter been given an inhaler ?? if so use it as the doctor directed and you might see an improvement in her breathing when exercising and her cough and fatigue (fatigue can be a sign of lack of oxygen) so just keep an eye open she just might not have gotten over the cold it might not be asthma but the doctor knows best so just ride it out and follow the doctors orders lots of love

Amy xx


it does sound as though she poss has asthma, I would give the inhalers a try and see if she improves. I would think that the GP will arrange a follow up apointment to see if there has been any improvement.


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