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croup in toddler

My 2 year old was diagnosed with asthma a year ago. GP was useless. Asthama Uk did advise to change but my son was given a brown inhaler when he had another trip to A&E.

He has been really well over 6 months so I thought he was ok.

He had croup a few weeks ago and was admitted to hospital overnight. I was a bit naive I thought you couldnt get croup again. Now he has developed a barking cough tonight.

Last time I went to the out of hours service he wrote a prescription and said get it at the nearest pharmacy at midnight. I said I only have enough taxi fare for the trip home. He said a taxi will take you there and wait and I said not for 5 pound it wont. so he said why have you come here then he needs this medicine. anyway he managed to find antibiotics as its in the hospital. But an hour later he needed to go to hospital again. Then after nebulisers,adrenaline etc the DR said he can go home. He said to me hes not asthmatic is he? (DR at that point hehad his notes in his hand) and I said Yes he is -then the DR does he normally make that noise I said no) He kept him in and it was lucky as in half an hour he was very ill.

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if your in any doubt take him to a and e to get checked over. Better to be safe than sorry. Sorry to hear that the doctor wasn't very good last time. Give asthma UK a call in the morning too, they might be able to give you some further advice. Alice


My asthmatic son had croup as a toddler. Doctors werent much help but we did find steam helped a bit. He's 14 now and things have improved. Always get your son checked - you know him best. Dont worry about going back to GP - that's what they are paid for. Good luck and I hope things improve for you.



My son is asthmatic and used to get croup on a regular basis when he was younger, and he was often taken to A&E for both those reasons.

To try and prevent him having to go to hospital with croup, I would give him Calpol or junior Disprol as soon as he started with croup symptoms, to bring his tempreture down. And I would take him in a steamy bathroom, to help open his airways.

But if your not happy at the time with his symptoms, take him to gps or hospital just to be on the safe side.

I know it is a worry and hard work at times, so good luck and hope your son is better soon.



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