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Chesty cough/Mucus

Hi - my son is 3 and had a suspected asthma attack in march with 3 days in hospital. (my daughter who is 9 has asthma-separate post) He has not had a cold but has a chesty cough that does not go away. It seems to build up over time ( he always sounds like the end of a cold) he coughs a lot at night and is then sick and this week it has been 2/3 times a night but the sick is clear mucus (SORRY if too much info!!) He has been prescribed ventolin only since march which does work if you can get enough into him once he starts coughing. Could this be an asthma cough?? My daughter has always had a dry cough so I don't know if it can sound any different or if there may be something else going on or if I am worrying about nothing??? Can anything be done about the mucus?? Thanks again for any advice. Tina

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it could be possible that he has an chest infection as asthmatics are more prone to chest infections but as it is worse on a night time it would suggest it could be asthma as my son was also very mucusy when he was younger and still is from time to time now what i find tht helps with my son is steam before he goes to bed it seams to losen up the gunk but i would get his chest listened too just incase.....


Hi thank you for your reply. I will definately try the steam to see if he can cough it up before bed. I took him to the GP on Friday who seems to think that because of the family history it very likely is asthma so we are on a trial of clenil and keeping a symptom diary and need to go back in 3 weeks to see if it works. She listened to his chest which was ok. So we will wait and see!


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