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pred loony


Alfie is still on his pred back to his alternate day dose. Today when I went into nursery to drop him off I was approached to be told that his behaviour is unacceptable because he's too boisterous. I've tried and tried to explain that on pred he goes loony, he only sleeps 4 hours a night and plays the rest of the night on my bed. I'm knackered, and now feeling very low. I don't know what I should do...I am going to keep him out of school til the end of term (wednesday next week). We are seeing his resp consultant in a couple of weeks and I have decided to ask for a referral to the brompton. I know she'll agree because she' s lovely and very supportive.


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Magot, he is not on a theophylline as well is he (slo-phyllin, uni-pyllin, pyhllocontin) cos pred and a theophylline used to send my son mad when he was a about 5. I was so upset by his ""wall climbing"" and so convinced that it was the combination of the 2 drugs that they brought him in weened him off the theophyllines and then added them back in. It was 12 years ago and the 1st time the medical team had come across it. Mind you we were also 1st to prove becotide nebs (yepp they made them) were also no good too.



maybe worth asking your resp nurse or cons to write a letter to the nursery explaining, im sure there are more boisterous kids who arent on pred?

Andrea xxx


I find the e-numbers in the generic enteric coated pred send me bonkers.

Does he have the uncoated ones or the disolved ones or even the red ones?

The uncoated ones are colouring free, not sure about the disolved stuff.

Just a thought and another theory to the pred mayhem!



soluble pred are pink KAte lol

Id ask for a letter from the hospital team to take to nursey also !!



My 15 months old son was hyperactive after taking prednisolone, so he is now on different type of steroids called Deflazacort. So far he's had no side effects.


Sean became a physco child aged about 3-4 on pred, his con at Rbh had some evidence particually in CF kiddies that dexmethsone which does same job as pred seemed to produce less mad behaviour. Although Sean not Cf his con felt it would prob apply to asthmatics as well so We switched Sean to Dex and he certainly became a lot calmer.


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