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just a liitle advice

hi everyone,

my little fella has started having asthma symptoms again everyday. we went to the gp a few weeks ago, he said that as jake was under the care of alderhey he cannot change his meds but feels he needs to be on a longer lasting inhaler. he has stated that until we see the consultant again jake must be treated with short courses of steriods. he gave hima course and for a few days it really helped, then it started again, we are now up most nights between 2am and 4.30am with a really rattly chest, fast breathing , wheezes and what sounds like a whisp on exhaling. jake is waking and asking for inhaler as his chest feels funny. the inhaler takes roughly around 1 hour to help him settle although the wheeze does subside in about 15 mins.

this has been going on more over the last 9 days i have had him back the gp, this was a different doctor who gave him a good check over, she said that although his notes explain he has difficult to control asthma she would like to wait and see if he can get over this without any more steroids if i was happy. i agreed to give it a chance but i now feel he may need something to help. i can't get our hospital appointment any closer than the middle of next month would you go back and ask for another opinion or do you think i am being over anxious.

thanks for reading.

helen ( jakey's mum)


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Hi Helen,

No, I don't think you are being an anxious mum, you know your son best. I would go back to the doc's. Is Jake on anything other than his inhaler? I know gp's don't like to advise too many steroids but we find steroids are what help Louis along (with all his pther asthma meds), I don't think I could function properly knowing I had no steroids in our medicine cupboard and I am not the one with asthma!

There is nothing worse than watching your child having a hard time with asthma and as I have said before I am always on ""red alert"" at the mere sign of a cold/chest infection. Louis (who is nine) has finally (hopefully) turned the corner after suffering really badly for the last four/five weeks being home nebulised, pred, anti b's, ventolin etc etc so I know what you are going through.

This is a great site for just sounding off and getting advice as we all know what we are going through.

Good luck with the doc's and I really hope Jakey gets better real soon (let us know how you get on)

Big hugs to you (and Jakey) and keep strong

Serenity xxxx


my subject

hi serenity,

thanks for your reply.

yes jake is on 200mg clenil 2 pufffs 2per day

4mg montelukast at night

anti histimine daily along with a nasal spray

salbutamol as and when needed.

for at least the past two weeks he has used his inhaler at least twice per day, but over the last 9days he has been using it around about 4 times daily. he is also having 5 puffs at bedtime as this seems to be the worst time. he is so much better after sunrise.

he has recently had a virus and i suspect this is making his symptoms worse although i do feel in general his asthma is not as controlled as it has been over the past year. he has had 3 courses of steroids since christmas.

thanks again , i do sometimes wonder if my anxiety makes me feel his asthma is worse, i am just worried all the time, and now he is due to start reception in september my anxiety is becoming worse.

thanks helem.



Hi Helen, Can't add much to Serenity's reply - it's spot on - but just wanted to say I would go back to the GP and ask about the steroids again. I can understand the GPs reluctance - my son's GP is the same in wanting to hold back on steroids. He has had so many courses he has become slightly resistant to them (me too). Certainly keep going back to GP and dont think you are being an anxious mum. Well, let's face it, we ARE anxious mums but who wouldnt be, given what we go through!


Hi Helen,

Louis is on the practically the same meds as Jake (except Louis is on Seretide and takes daily anti b's, which I am not sure are as effective anymore since he has been on daily anti b's since he was really little).

Louis has a six monthly check up appt next week with his consultant which I am really glad about as like Jake he has been through a real rough time of late.

Thats really sweet that Jake is strating pre-school in September and please don't worry, if the pre-school were like my son's, we had a visit from them where you could outline any worries etc, or if not make an appt to see someone at the school and explain things.

I know what you mean about sunrise, I dread the evenings and am so relieved when morning arrives (I just seem to be able to cope better!!).

You can always message me, can't say I can answer your questions but I know its great to know you are not alone in how you are feeling (bit of moral support!!)

This is strange to as my Louis middle name is Jake !!!!

Take care

Serenity xxxx


my subject

hiya everyone thanks for your replys it really is good to know we can chat.

took jake back the gp today, they said that everything i am doing is right and unfortunatly his asthma is just being a pain in the bum.

they said as he has no wheeze at the time of his appointment i should just carry on using the inahlers through the night....(ok for them to say they don't live on there nerves.)

gp expained that the rattles are because he has thick mucas and basically treat him with paracetamol when he has a fever and let it settle itself.

so there we go... we are still in limbo until we see consultant..

the 12th may can't come quick enough..

thanks again. hope you and your families are all well.




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