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Does this sound like asthma?

My daughter is 3 years old and my GP suspects asthma,every time she gets a cold she has a cough that lasts for weeks after the cold has gone ,she has a cough again now which is worse at night and has been waking her for the past few nights,she does get breathless when she runs about a lot and has a cough,when i put my ear to her chest i can hear a wheeze sometimes when she has been running although the doctor said her chest is clear,when she cries which can be often as shes quite emotional she starts coughing.There is no asthma in our families and her 2 sisters dont have it,but we do have excema on both sides of the family.The GP has given us an inhaler and spacer and she has 2 puffs before bed but she is still coughing at night,are there asthma clinics or nurses that i should see or be referred to a consultant,i'm trying to find out as much info as i can as asthma is new to me and the dr really didnt explain much at all.Should i send my daughters to nursery with her inhaler and could she have it more often when she has a coughing fit in the day,i was told they couldnt test her for asthma until she is about 7,why is this?Thanks,Becky.

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Hi Becky,

I would say from the symptoms you have described that there is a high probability that it is asthma. The information on 'testing' is incorrect.

Asthma should be diagnosed based on symptoms, peak flow, history etc so if you can try and keep an account of what is happening. Then when you see the GP you can explain in great detail what has gone on. It is difficult to diagnose asthma, especially in children but any good specialist in the area should be able to confirm it.

Nocturnal symptoms are a major factor with asthma so I suggest you pop down to your GP and make an appointment with the 'Asthma' nurse. Hopefully there is a trained asthma nurse in your practice. They should take a very detailed history and advise you on how and when your daughter needs her inhaler. Even though your GP says her chest is 'clear' it is too vague.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.



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