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persistant coughing and sickness

hi. My two year old is under hospital for nut egg and pollen allergies, and is head to toe with excema at the moment. probably to do with pollen and grass.

in evenings. little one is coughing a large portion of the night and only stops when he throws up lots of phlegm.... is he having an asthma attack when this is happening. (He has his blue inhaler before bed, but in these instances it doesn't do anything until he's sick) and is there a way of measuring the amount of air he is getting. apparently too young for a peak flow test..

Have to also say,, what an amazing website!!!

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Really sorry to hear about your child being so affected at the moment, I would suggest asking for an asthma review with your asthma nurse at GP surgery and see if they will try a daily preventor. My sons both had similar symptoms one with allergies and this has certainly stopped the horrible night time coughing which can be really scary.

Hope your little one is feeling better soon



hi karis,

sorry to hear your child is having such difficulties,

unfortuantely yes he is too young for peak flow monitoring, normally this isnt started until 6 years, depending on the childs level of understanding.

as mentioned, if he is getting this so often, maybe ask your gp for preventer to give him regularly so that should reduce number of times you need to give his blue inhaler to him :)

obviously not at the time of coughing as he will be catching is breath, but at other times, you can see whether or not he is too short of breath, air etc.. by looking at his effort of breathing, colour.. but this is advice only, as you know your child best and when he needs his inh, need A+E etc... read the asthma and my child section on the website for more info :)

hope he picks up soon xxx


little nutter has similar problems - asthma, eczema, hayfever, severe nut allergy

I would ask for an asthma review and to be put on a daily preventor if not already on one, also antihisthamine before bed can help. Hope things improve soon.


Hi My daughter aged 7 now often is sick with her asthma normally this means one or two things with her asthma 1 she has a chest infection or 2 its an allergy that is causing an asthma attack. You can measure if they are getting enough oxygen with a finger sat monitor not sure how good they are for someone of your child's age but you can get them on eBay for around £30-£50. With my daughter anything below 94% and I take her to the hospital but then we also don't go to A&E any more as she has brittle asthma and we have direct assess to the children's unit because of past life threatening attacks.

take care



hi there my daughter who is 4 has has just been diagnosed with asthma at the end of last yr and has bad coughing through the night also, i have been looking to get one of the finger sat monitor's for my own peace of mind but dont know how accurate they are,

thanks x


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